Bus passenger thankful for actions of Creston’s emergency services

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To the Editor:

I was a passenger on the Brewster bus that went off the road east of Creston on Feb. 17. Our driver did an admirable job of avoiding a collision with a passenger vehicle that spun out of control in front of us.

It was almost as soon as we looked around and realized that none of us was injured that people from Creston began to arrive to help us. Your town can feel confident that your emergency services are well prepared to respond in a hurry to accidents. You should also be proud that these volunteers and professional are so willing to provide their assistance to travellers in distress.

I can tell you personally how reassuring it is in a situation like this to see the fire rescue vehicle and ambulance appear in minutes. Well done! We’re also very grateful to the Creston Valley Thunder Cats for providing us with the bus that got us to the comfort and hospitality of the Creston and District Community Complex. We actually reached our destination in Nelson without missing a night’s sleep. This was only possible thanks to the kindness of the Creston Valley Thunder Cats and their bus driver and a Creston Fire Rescue truck. They moved us and our luggage to Kootenay bay in time for a midnight ferry ride.

I want to express my thanks for all the friendly and professional support and assistance that were extended to me and the rest of the passengers on the Seniors Alpine Ski Club trip.

Jim Kinnaird, President

Seniors Alpine Ski Club

Calgary, Alta.