Bear safety is important in Creston Valley

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To the Editor:

(Re: “Bear bylaw doesn’t pass”, June 23 Advance)

In reading of council’s decision concerning changing waste management bylaws I believe they are to be commended. I think there are probably enough pieces of paper to keep them busy enforcing them and I believe we need to use wisdom ourselves. However, education and awareness are important.

I do not live within Creston but on a farm south of town, a farm with a long driveway. We have never left our garbage at the gate overnight.

We have always known we had bears, but it was my none-too-bright practice to quit putting seeds in the feeder come spring, but not to take it down. Last summer, Bear Aware warned us that the dump was being fenced and we should take our feeder down. I didn’t.

One morning we looked out and the pole holding the feeder was bent down at a 90-degree angle. Birds and deer don’t do that, so James took the feeder down, emptied it and leaned it up against the porch, empty.

The next morning I looked out at 4 a.m. and there it sat, but when we looked out at 8 a.m., it was rolled out onto the lawn. We moved it down into the shop and have had no problems since. We threw sunflower seeds on the snow this winter and had a lovely pheasant visiting along with the little birds.

Nora McDowell