B.C. citizens shouldn’t be prosecuted for marijuana possession

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To the Editor:

(Re: “This is the Life: Taking the high road with marijuana laws”)

Lorne Eckersley stated, “Crown Counsel adamantly refuses to prosecute charges on small amounts of marijuana possession because a) the courts are already backed up and b) judges have long since stopped attempting to use fines and jail sentences to stop what is essentially a tidal wave of victimless crime.”

However, it is a myth that you can’t get arrested for pot possession in B.C. For example, the rate of criminal charges for marijuana possession in Creston has risen dramatically in recent years. In 2003, there were two pot possession charges in Creston (rural). In 2011, there were 23 pot possession charges in Creston (rural).

Sensible BC is a group that is working to decriminalize the simple possession of cannabis in British Columbia through the Sensible Policing Act.

A large majority of BC citizens agree that cannabis possession should not lead to a criminal record. Obviously, the majority of people realize that charging adults for simple possession of marijuana is a huge waste of taxpayers’ money and our police have much better things to do.

This issue is clearly not a grey area. It just makes sense.

Herb Couch

Nelson-Creston Riding Organizer

Sensible BC