Artists grateful for Creston credit union support

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To the Editor:

As the organizer for the Art in the Chamber displays and for the Artistic Visions Summer Art Market, which is currently on display at the Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce, it was my choice to use an art show sign borrowed from the Creston Art Club. A few weeks ago, during that big windstorm, the sign was blown into the road and run over. Total destruction! So, I borrowed another sign from the art club and, although it was positioned safely, it got knocked down and was also run over.

Catastrophe! Even with help from the Community of Creston Arts Council and the Creston Art Club, replacing the signs was going to be a major expense. Fortunately, an angel, in the form of the Creston and District Credit Union, has come to our aid and I will be able to replace the signs.

The Artistic Visions group has been banking with the credit union for three years and we have always had wonderful service and assistance for all of the staff. This recent financial assistance is like the icing on the cake. Thank you so much, Creston and District Credit Union, for being so supportive of our community and the arts.

Val van der Poel