Aim of war is to create empires

Web Lead

To the Editor:

The American wars, past or present, have been explained in terms of freedom and democracy, but they are obviously nothing more than empire-building projects. The main actors are the U.S., UK, Israel and hangers-on. As you know, their goal is to subordinate the entire planet to the rule of an Anglo-American-Israeli empire.

The same is true of the various “terrorist attacks;” they are organized and financed by the same countries that organize the stupid wars. Their original intention is to drive fear into citizens, so that the police state, when fully implemented, will be well-received. During Prime Minister Harper’s reign, Canada staged two events, in 2006 and 2014, to let the world know how tough we are on terrorists.

However, the latest attack was staged on March 22, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. 32 people lost their lives and some 300 were wounded. It was a typical false-flag event. According to “In each of these incidents, the script follows similar lines: the attackers were known to intelligence agencies and were either active or prospective fighters in Western-backed destabilization and regime-change operations in the Middle East and throughout Eurasia. After each attack, the failure to act on information already in the possession of the intelligence agencies is explained away by the supposed ‘failure to connect the dots.’  Finally, despite monumental breakdowns in basic security protocols, no officials are fired or otherwise disciplined. “

But there are now some positive news from Syria, President Assad’s forces have with the help of Russian aviation, on March 27, 2016 defeated ISIS or ISIL occupiers of the ancient city of Palmyra.  For those who are interested in the history of the place, there is a fair amount of information on the Internet. When you will see Palmyra’s tremendous stone architecture you will know why this is a very important victory for Syrian people, and a major defeat for American coalition.

At we read: “Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron has kept silent about the recapture, which released the ancient city from the hands of ISIS for the first time since May 2015. President Obama has also refused to acknowledge the retaking of the ancient city.” Naturally, the West is still in shock over the fact that it was Russia and Syria who liberated the amazing 2,000 year old UNESCO World Heritage site.

Palmyra’s earliest mention is in the second millennium B.C. The local language was Aramaic, and the city was in 273 A.D. destroyed by Roman Emperor Aurelian. But it was soon rebuilt by Emperor Diocletian. And in 1400, it was again destroyed by Tamerlane, the Turko-Mongol ruler. In 2015 it was occupied by ISIS who did horrific damage. They destroyed a number of the most important structures and looted and vandalized the city’s museum, beheaded its curator and did a variety of major crimes in the area. All this is of course no surprise. The U.S. and its hirelings will certainly go down in history as the unsurpassed destroyers of life and material culture on this planet.

Anton Skerbinc