Adopting daylight time isn’t practical for Creston Valley

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To the Editor:

Just a few observations and concerns regarding time change:

If I had the opportunity to vote for time change, my choice would be no. First of all, to change, it would make the practical side of it even more difficult and complex than it is now with no change. Valley residents have interests and connections pretty much both ways, east and west, from Creston, in two different time zones. We are in one of those locations where it is convenient to be up early or to get to work later, go to school in the dark in the morning or come home from school in the dark. If mountain time were chosen, just as many people would be unhappy as would be if Pacific time were chosen. Then the issue would likely rise every year henceforth, resulting in more confusion, with more public energy and money spent.

For over 40 years as a resident in Arrow Creek I have seen this issue come up time after time. It seems to start publicly with an appearance of a letter to the editor or something similar. It also seems it comes from someone “new” to the valley, who doesn’t appear to understand, not having lived here very long, the real issues of the community related to being basically halfway between larger centers in different time zones. Other communities in like locations seem to stick with no change. There must be a simplicity they find in that choice.

I recall some 30 years ago there was talk of time change and sabres were rattling here and there around the Creston Valley. It was like this in the newspaper and in the talk: Monday morning the stores will open and be on such and such a time! Come Monday morning I was in town, and, lo, things weren’t like I expected them to be. The stores opened the way they had always opened for hundreds of years. What a pleasant relief! On checking what happened or didn’t happen, I was told the businesses wouldn’t go with it. Smart move! I can understand that some businesses and school staff require prep time to get ready for the day.

On Creston time, kids may meet the bus in the dark. But as a former parent and schoolteacher, I can say that is better and safer than going home in the dark! That works for a lot of other situations too.

I hear a lot of people saying, “Keep it as it is! It is more practical that way,” “Don’t people have enough to do to keep them busy and out of mischief without trying to change the time,” and “People’s lives here are built around the way it is in this interesting time zone location we have.”

Ed McMackin

Arrow Creek