A thank you to Crest View

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To the Editor:

I just had to write this letter of commendation to the staff at the Crest View Care Assisted Living Village. I was recently part of an initiative by the Office of the Seniors Advocate of BC, which involved taking a survey of all seniors that live in a long-term care facility in the province. I was there either morning or afternoon of various days over a two-month period.  During bath times, activity times, snack times, I would ask a resident to complete a survey with me, which often took up to an hour.  This must have been a nuisance to the daily flow of the unit, but I received nothing but cheerful cooperation from all the staff.  From housekeeping to kitchen staff to care staff to recreation and nursing staff and management, I couldn’t have asked for more helpful cooperation.  Whether I was looking for a room, or a particular resident, or if I was in the middle of a survey and it was time for an activity or bath, the staff assisted me in any way they could.  Thank you so much to the management and staff at Crest View.

Donna Munn

Creston, BC