Year in review: Highlights from Creston RCMP’s 2019 reports

At this time, we look back on the Creston RCMP reports of 2019 as recorded in the pages of the Creston Valley Advance. Former editor Jenneil Peters selected some of the most entertaining and informative briefs from reports submitted by the local detachment.

January 5

A lighter and rolling papers were reported stolen in Riondel.

January 22

Explicit material from an adult entertainment website led to a call to the RCMP by the mail recipient, a senior.

January 26

A report was received about online harassment. The issue involved a fraud in which the complainant was led to believe he was communicating with a celebrity while exchanging photographs and money. The caller was advised to report the incident to the RCMP anti-fraud centre.

February 4

A roasting pan was reported to have been stolen.

February 9

Police officers were kicked and spat at by an unco-operative impaired driver on Canyon Street. He was lodged in cells until sober, and now faces a court appearance on numerous charges.

March 5

Police found a person reported to be acting suspiciously at a business to be eating cookies and waiting for a friend.

March 16

A social media poster making general threats was warned about his choice of language.

April 5

A person accused of making email threats to the prime minister was arrested, investigated and then released pending a court appearance.

April 6

Police are investigating an incident that was apparently caused when a single youth lit a bag of books in the parking lot. The old “I couldn’t do my homework because someone burned my books” ruse? No injuries or property damage resulted.

April 8

•When police located a person carrying a shovel who was attending Creston residences and attempting to enter, saying he was afraid for his life, it was determined that he was intoxicated on drugs. No bodily harm or property damage was noted.

•Snake eyes or boxcars? Police were called to an alcohol-fueled dispute that broke into a fight during a game of Yahtzee.

May 5

Good Samaritans are alive and well in Creston, and working at the Creston RCMP detachment. When police responded to a report of an unwanted person at a business they learned he is a homeless man who was hitchhiking to the Lower Mainland. They bought him a sandwich before he continued his journey.

May 10

How to get a free room for the night: Get drunk, remove clothes and go to sleep outside a Creston business. The naturist was provided a warm place to sleep in police cells until sober.

May 23

Police responded to a report of a theft of muffins from a local business. Video surveillance was reviewed.

May 30

A practical joke on a roommate led to a report of a possible break and enter to a residence.

June 7

Police attended to a report of a male running down Northwest Boulevard, jumping into traffic, and throwing rocks at vehicles. The intoxicated male was found and arrested at a nearby business. He faces a number of charges including causing a disturbance and breach of release conditions.

June 9

Police responded to a report of a theft of pants from a residence in Creston. The pants were found, but not stolen.

June 13

Police were called to assist with the theft of a wheelchair from the Creston Valley Hospital. Police located four males in possession of the wheelchair near a business in Creston. The intoxicated males stated that one of their party hurt his knee, so the wheelchair was required. The wheelchair was returned to the hospital.

July 12

Police investigated a situation in which an intoxicated caller to the RCMP call centre threatened an operator.

July 14

While conducting patrols near a drinking establishment in Creston, a clearly intoxicated individual exposed his buttocks to a police officer. When confronted, the exposer ran away from police with his buttocks still exposed. Considering his condition and his state of undress, police were able to easily catch up with him. The stunt resulted in a night in police cells and a ticket for the visitor to Creston.

August 7

Members of the RCMP attended to a report of a disturbance on Canyon Street as a number of seasonal workers were protesting working conditions. All detachment members attended to keep the peace. Although traffic was disrupted for a short time, the demonstration ended peacefully.

August 18

Police attended a wedding celebration to arrest a wedding crasher that became violent.

September 4

Police responded to a report of “road rage” on Highway 3A in which one driver yelled at the other for alleged tailgating. There was no physical altercation.

September 9

Police were called to check on a person who was acting erratically outside a residence in Creston by pulling on and jumping up against a chain-link fence. Upon police arrival, the person advised that he was just doing calisthenics, and was annoyed that the police were called.

September 17

Police responded to a report of a “road rage” incident with a driver yelling at another. The suspect is known by police to have anger issues.

September 24

Police responded to a report of threats over text stemming from a conflict over playing Pokemon Go.

September 26

Police attended to a disturbance with two individuals who had been evicted from a local business after an alcohol-fueled loud argument. After being advised that attempting to “hug” the attending officers was not appropriate, the couple calmed down and found other accommodations for the night.

October 1

Police responded to a report of a suspicious male sitting under a tree observing a hot tub user. Police attended but found nothing suspicious.

October 3

Police responded to a report of an elderly male yelling and threatening landscape workers with a stick. It appeared that the man did not like the tree pruning that was occurring.

October 18

A report of females on skateboards waving machetes and threating to cut a male’s arms off turned out to be false.

November 14

Police investigated people being unlawfully in a dwelling after entering a home to discuss religion.

November 21

Police responded to mischief in progress call at a business in Creston in which a female was found to be breaking windows with a baseball bat. Upon arrival, police witnessed the female breaking windows and she was arrested without incident. After questioning the female she stated that she did the damage as she wished to go to jail as her partner was currently incarcerated. Alcohol is believed to be a factor.

November 28

A call to a local woman was required after she failed to provide fingerprints at the Creston RCMP detachment. After driving herself to the detachment to provide fingerprints, the woman was found to have been consuming alcohol prior to driving and received a 90-day licence suspension and was charged with operating an unregistered vehicle and had her vehicle impounded.

December 10

RCMP received a call from a local motel in which the caller stated that he may shoot someone. The ambulance and fire department attended the call as well. It was determined the caller was worried about his spouse as she was having a seizure, and he did not intend to threaten anyone.

December 16

Police responded to a complaint of Christmas music being played too loud from a residential outdoor display.

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