A wide range of work can be found in Wynndel's Kunze Gallery.

A wide range of work can be found in Wynndel's Kunze Gallery.

Wynndel artist displaying several artists’ work in new gallery

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  • Jul. 11, 2015 7:00 a.m.

Tourists and locals alike will delight in Wynndel’s Kunze Gallery, where paintings, pottery, sculpture and photography by local artists are on display in a bright and welcoming venue.

Formerly known as Galvanized Gallery — “People kept asking to see the metalwork,” Sandy Kunze laughs — Kunze Gallery now features Kunze’s own work and that of a number of her artistic circle of friends.

In a building originally constructed to be her work studio, works are brilliantly displayed, large and small pieces mixed to invite visitors to linger and enjoy. A small gift shop is close by, connected to the gallery with an outdoor living area. Sheltered from wind and sun, the space features seating and comfy views of some of Kunze’s more eclectic creations. Below the gallery is another covered deck that affords a panoramic view of the Creston Valley.

“I want this gallery to be a place where people who make art or just love art can relax, chat and enjoy what this beautiful valley has to offer,” Kunze said.

She has worked close with friend and artist Maggie Leal-Valias, whose new works large format altered photographs printed on aluminum. She uses her own photography, altering it beyond recognition and inviting viewers to invent their own interpretation.

Leal-Valias will be on hand most days at the gallery, along with summer student Sophia Short.

The elegant fabric creations of Anne Fetterly, who explores materials and processes associated with natural dyes, silk, cotton and repurposed materials, are placed throughout the gallery, as are Kootenay Lake potter Heath Carra’s geometric forms that emerge from his background in drafting and sheet metal layout.

Cory Cannon, who lives and works nearby, has contributed some of his airbrushed pieces, and wrought iron sculptures by Andrew Bibby help introduce an entirely new dimension to the gallery.

A number of paintings by Lister artist James McDowell hang on the walls, proof that he never gets tied down to any one style. Nora McDowell’s popular decorative knit tea cozies brighten the gift shop.

Once again this summer, Kunze has organized several art and wine bus tours that take guests to two wineries and the galleries and studios of a variety of artists. For more information or to book seats visit www.kunzegallery.com. Kunze Gallery is open through September from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.