The Creston RCMP station is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP station is located on 16th Avenue South.

Wandering cows reported to Creston RCMP

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  • Jul. 18, 2012 8:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 81 calls from July 9-15, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday. (The first part of the report can be found here.)

July 12

•A resident of the 400 block of Canyon-Lister Road is hoping the owner of five cows roaming the area will round them up and keep them fenced.

•A fight between cousins on Canyon Street and 16th Avenue was reportedly consensual.

•A shoplifter has been banned from a Highway 3A store.

•A Highway 3 resident reported to Osoyoos RCMP that his grey 1988 Chevy Blazer was stolen in Creston two years ago.

•An Erickson Road male complained that his parents wouldn’t provide him with money to buy drugs.

•Four youths were reported to be on the Adam Robertson Elementary School roof, “a very unsafe thing to do,” Gollan said.

July 13

•A 25th Avenue South resident complained that a neighbor placed dead birds and cat feces in her yard. The neighbor said he did so last year, but not this year.

•Anyone with knowledge about someone shooting gophers in the Goat River Road area is asked to contact police. There are many residences in the area and it is illegal to shoot any firearm within 300 yards of a residence.

•A McDonald Road resident complained about a neighbour’s child crying in one of a series of complaints in an ongoing dispute.

•A cellphone call from a lost female in the U.S. was transferred to Bonners Ferry police.

•About 100 vehicles were stopped in a roadside check on Canyon Street at Pine Street. One impaired driver was issued a 90-driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days. Two tickets were issued for open liquor in a vehicle, a small amount of marijuana was seized and one seatbelt warning was given.

July 14

•The traffic lights on Highway 3 at the bridge repair site near West Creston were reported to be not working.

•A motorcycle driver sustained minor injuries when he collided with a deer on Highway 3A near Kootenay Bay.

•An erratic driver stopped on Highway 21 was found to be intoxicated. His licence was suspended for 90 days and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days. He was held in police cells and released when sober.

July 15

•Two siblings in a dispute about a Canyon-Lister Road property inheritance were informed the issue was civil, not criminal.

•A break and entry to a Ninth Avenue residence, while the resident was home, netted a thief a bag of clothing, an LG cellphone and an Xbox connection cord.