Various forms of bad behavior keep RCMP busy

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  • Dec. 7, 2016 10:00 a.m.

The Christmas spirit hasn’t hit Creston Valley residents yet, with RCMP members being kept busy with assaults, intoxication complaints and various forms of bad behavior last week. In total, they responded to 79 calls for service from November 28-December 4, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday.

November 28

•Police assisted Kamloops RCMP with a missing persons investigation.

•A well-being check in Kitchener revealed the resident was okay.

•A large and possibly vicious dog was reported off leash on Highway 3 in Erickson.

•A bag of legal papers was reported lost in Erickson.

•A 46-year-old female faces charges after stabbing a male in a domestic dispute. The male sustained a minor injury.

•A 33-year-old male faces charges after a domestic assault on Canyon Street after a female tried to stop the intoxicated man from driving.

November 29

•A 911 call from 32 Avenue South was dialed in error.

•A well-being check on an 8th Avenue South resident revealed he was fine.

•A deer was euthanized on Highway 3 in Erickson.

•A male exhibiting strange behavior on 15th Avenue North was determined not be a danger.

•Police assisted EMT personnel with a dementia patient on Highway 3 in Erickson.

•A red Dodge Charger was reported to be tailgating and passing dangerously on Highway 3 near Canyon.

•Horses were reported on Highway 3 in the 5000 block.

November 30

•A 50-year-old female has assault charges pending following a domestic incident on Elm Street. She also called police to report the theft of an IPod.

•A complaint about unwanted phone calls was received from Erickson.

•Farm equipment, including a sprayer, sprays and 35 picking ladders with blue, red and yellow paint on them, was stolen from Uri Road.

•A small amount of marijuana was seized from a vehicle on Goat River Road South.

•An intoxicated male on 15th Avenue North was arrested and held in cells until sober.

•A possible fraud was reported from Cory Road after a resident got a phone call asking for credit information.

•No injuries were reported after a two-vehicle crash near Kootenay Pass.

December 1

•Police were called to assist EMT personnel in gaining access to a residence.

•An issue about an on-going neighbours’ dispute on Erickson Road was reported.

•A Cook Street employee was threatened by a customer.

•A 911 caller from Elm Street wanted to report a pain issue to police, then later said no help was needed.

•A grossly intoxicated guest at an Elm Street residence was first taken to hospital, then held overnight in police cells.

December 2

•A possibly impaired driver was reported on Northwest Boulevard.

•A vehicle passed a stopped school bus displaying flashing lights on Highway 21 at 40th Street.

•A well-being check on 11th Avenue South indicated the resident was okay.

•Two males, ages 40 and 34, were battling with shovels on 12th Avenue South. Both were arrested and held in police cells. Assault charges are being recommended.

•An unwanted person was reported in a Simon Road residence.

•Two males, ages 24 and 21, were arrested after an assault that occurred on Mallory Road. They have been released with conditions.

•Police were called to assist EMT attendants with an intoxicated male in a ditch off Erickson Road.

•A noise complaint was received from 16th Avenue South.

December 3

•Shots were reported on 10th Avenue South.

•A complaint about loud Christmas music at 8 a.m. was received from Erickson Road.

•Minor injuries were reported following a two-vehicle collision on Highway 3 at Akokli Creek Bridge.

•An injured male skier near Kootenay Pass caught a break when a South Columbia Search and Rescue team was doing training exercises nearby. Creston Search and Rescue personnel also responded, and the male was brought out and taken to hospital.

•A wallet found at the Community Complex was returned to the owner.

•A male was arrested on Helen Street after breaching no contact conditions.

•A two-vehicle crash was reported on Canyon-Lister Road.

December 4

•Two car accidents were reported in icy road conditions on Highway 3 near Irishman Creek Bridge.

•An aggressive intoxicated youth was arrested in his Sirdar home and held in police cells until sober.

•A vehicle was impounded on 16th Avenue South at Erickson Road when police found the insurance had expired.

•An unwanted intoxicated guest was arrested in a Birch Street residence and held in police cells until sober.