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Trail nail artist shines a light; makes Top 8 ‘World’s Star Nail Artist’ contest

Reel and photos: The next challenge for World’s Star Nail Artist is due June 12

Trail’s own Sarah Fontaine, nail artist extraordinaire, has advanced yet again and made it to Top 8 of the “World’s Star Nail Artist,” a competition by U.K.’s Scratch Magazine.

“Letting it sink in,” she said via Instagram following the June 2 announcement of finalists. “A huge thank you to all who voted for me and to the judges of the competition for believing in me. I’ve learned a lot and tried so many new things during this adventure, I can’t fathom what will come next,” she added.

” … Now I better get busy!”

Fontaine’s latest 10-nail design that advanced her to the next challenge was based on a “Shine A Light” theme, including actual working lights on the nails, as well as painted designs.

To see Fontaine’s incredible work on Instagram click here: garnish_nailart.

She and seven others, all from the U.K., are now tasked with choosing one word from the B.E.A.U.T.Y. Plus acronym (Belonging, Equity, Agility, Unity, Trust, You) and coming up with a five-nail theme based on that one word.

Making this challenge even more heartfelt, is that the inspiration must be one of nail artist’s clients.

Besides the nail art, Fontaine must submit a video diary (and written piece) for this week, explaining why she chose the word and client she did. The judges also task each contestant to elaborate on the client’s story and why the word they chose made them think of this particular client.

Fontaine has until June 12 to complete this challenge.

Once the challenge closes, online voting begins shortly thereafter.

Fontaine, owner of Garnish Nail Art in Trail, has been in the business for 10 years.

“Nail art and I go way back,” she told Scratch Magazine after advancing to Top 21. “I have been a nail lover all my life and spent much of my time as a teenager playing with nail polish or attempting to sculpt my own nails with pharmacy acrylic kits,” she said. “I qualified as a nail tech in 2013 after my husband suggested it could make a good hobby for me or even possibly be a career change (I had previously worked as a care aide). I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to train in something I have a passion for, and to work from my home salon to be available for my children.”

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