Town starts public process toward fire hall referendum

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  • Sep. 7, 2016 3:00 p.m.

Creston taxpayers get their first glimpse of what it will take to get a new fire hall at this weekend’s Creston Valley Fall Fair.

A public open house in the Community Complex Kootenay Room will run from 5-8 pm on Friday and 10 am-3:30 pm on Saturday.

“The current fire hall was originally constructed as a grocery store (Overwaitea) over 60 years ago, before being converted into a fire station over 30 years ago,” Mayor Ron Toyota said last week. “A lot has changed in that 30 years.”

Among those changes are the number of volunteers and staff, size of equipment, expansion of services, and changes to legislation and training requirements.

“The current fire hall does not meet BC Building Code post disaster standards, fire code requirements or current building code standards.”

When the purchase of a ladder truck was being considered two years ago, a number of potential vehicles had to be eliminated because they exceeded the height of the access doors and renovations would have been prohibitively expensive.

“Before we go to referendum for the potential building of a new fire hall, the Town of Creston wishes to involve the public at an early stage to build a common knowledge base,” Toyota added.

Among the issues to be discussed:

•Ensure that a site that works for the community and the fire department is considered.

•Explain the process for the next eight months that will include public meetings and a referendum.

•Provide information on the reasons a new fire hall is needed

• Outline the four possible sites being considered for a potential new fire hall

•Answer any questions that individuals may have.