The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located at 421 16th Ave. S.

Third break-in for Creston Golf Club sheds

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  • Oct. 19, 2015 4:00 p.m.

A third major break-in to storage sheds at the Creston Golf Course since summer once again has police taking statements about stolen items, primarily golf clubs, Creston RCMP Cpl. Gerry Sliworsky said on Monday.

“There were nearly 20 sheds affected,” he said.

Once a building that houses a number of units is entered by breaking or cutting a lock, thieves can easily move from one unit to the other, Sliworsky said.

The first two break-ins (first, second) took place in July.


Police Beat

Creston RCMP responded to a total of 61 calls for service from Oct. 12-18, Sliworsky said.

October 12

•Police assisted Castlegar RCMP with an investigation.

•Police kept the peace at an Alder Street residence when the family got into a dispute over an estate.

•A suspicious package of a powdered substance turned in to police by a Highway 3A business has been sent to a lab for analysis.

•Police conducted a well-being check at a Vancouver Street residence, discovering that the occupant is OK.

October 13

•A complaint was received about an elderly male driving slowly and weaving on Highway 3.

•Police assisted paramedics with a male in distress on Elm Street.

•A Canyon Street business reported getting harassing messages from a Kitchener residence.

•No injuries resulted when a vehicle collided with a mobility scooter at Cook Street and 15th Avenue South.

•Police determined that a reportedly abandoned mobility scooter on Regina Street had a dead battery and the owner was having it looked after.

•A licence plate was found on the Birch Forest Service Road near Kitchener.

•Jewelry was reported missing from a Cavell Street residence.

•Harassment was reported following a neighbours’ dispute over property on Ibbitson Street.

•Diesel fuel was siphoned from tractor-trailers on Northwest Boulevard.

•Keys were reported lost on Erickson Road.

•A couple having a verbal argument on Cory Road in Wynndel required police attention.

October 14

•A vehicle window was smashed at the golf course.

•A dog was reported to be running loose on Mallory Road.

•A Devon Street resident got caught in a mail fraud scam by sending money to China to get a promised larger sum in return.

October 15

•Police were called about a civil dispute between an employer and employee on Northwest Boulevard.

•Highway 3 near Kitchener was shut down for a time while a semi’s trailer burned. The contents of the trailer were not toxic.

•When police found a driver reported to be possibly impaired on Canyon Street they determined that he was not impaired.

October 16

•A male driver from Enderby called 911 from Wynndel, complaining about pain and bleeding. When police and ambulance arrived he was determined to be in cardiac arrest. The 69-year-old man died shortly afterward.

•A screen door was reported broken on 25th Avenue South.

•A verbal argument involving threats required police attendance to a Vancouver Street resident.

•An Airport Road resident reporting getting caught in a scam in which a message purportedly from the Canadian Revenue Agency claimed that money was owed and an arrest warrant had been filed. The victim sent money to an U.S. address before realizing he had been duped.

October 17

•A hit and run was reported in a Cook Street parking lot. Police have no suspects.

•A local resident accused a female of removing bank documents and later returning them.

•A hit and run was reported in a Cook Street parking lot.

•A dog that was on a leash bit a pedestrian in Riondel.

•A Northwest Boulevard resident complained about loud talking in a neighbouring apartment.

•A Lower Wynndel Road resident complained about loud barking in a neighbour’s yard.

October 18

•A male faces assault charges following a domestic incident on Elsie Holmes Road in Wynndel.

•Six males reported to be drinking near Cook Street poured out their drinks and dispersed when police arrived.

•A male resident of Highway 3/95 complained about getting harassing text messages from an ex-partner.

•Police continue to investigate an incident in which a speeding vehicle flipped and landed in a ditch beside Erickson Road. The two male occupants fled in a truck that picked them up.

•A intoxicated male who passed out on Centre Road was arrested and held in police cells. He was also wanted on a warrant and was breaching probation.

•Items including an iPad and Dell computer were stolen from an unlocked truck canopy on 19th Avenue South.