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Skunk sighted in East Trail with pop can stuck on head

Report highlights from the Trail detachment for the second week of September
A skunk spotted in East Trail with a pop can stuck on its head. Photo: Trail RCMP

Unfortunately, a long life is likely not in the cards for a skunk spotted with a pop can stuck on its head.

Sgt. Mike Wicentowich released a photo of a striped skunk a RCMP officer snapped while on an East Trail service call Monday night.

“Unfortunately this little guy is the victim of humans,” said Wicentowich, Trail RCMP detachment commander.

“My officer was not able to assist the skunk in getting the can off his head.”

He released the photo as a reminder for the public to dispose of trash and recyclables responsibly in order to prevent conflict with wildlife.

The striped skunk, from the genus Mephitis mephitis, are found across much of North America, including southern Canada.

The animals are polygamous omnivores with few natural predators, save for birds of prey. Like all skunks, they possess highly developed musk-filled scent glands to ward off predators. They have a long history of association with humans, having been trapped and bred in captivity for their fur and sometimes kept as pets.

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