(Photo credit Creston Valley Farmers’ Market)

(Photo credit Creston Valley Farmers’ Market)

Second annual Fall Fair Feast

The second annual Fall Fair Feast is returning Sept. 7 at the 101st Creston Valley Fall Fair at the Creston and District Community Complex.

Proceeds from the dinner are going to the local Farmers’ Market Nutrition Coupon Program, a healthy eating initiative that supports the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market and strengthens food security amongst individuals in need in the Creston Valley.

“Currently, in Creston, there is a waiting list to get into the nutrition coupon program,” said Amy White Creston Valley Fall Fair committee member.

The Creston Valley Farmers’ Market works with Valley Community Services to allocate nutrition coupons to lower-income families, seniors and pregnant women participating in food literacy programs. The Nutrition Coupon Program works full circle to educate families on healthy eating initiatives, while also economically supporting local farmers and food producers.

“Thirty-five recipients receive $21 in coupons to purchase fruit, vegetables, fresh meats, cheese, nuts, eggs, cut herbs and milk.”

Farmers are reimbursed for coupons at the end of each market.

“Farmers shopping local keeps the money within the community and contributes to food security in the Creston Valley,” said White. “It is a win-win for the community as a whole. Every $336 raised allows us to support one more recipient to the program.”

Highlights of this year’s Fall Fair Feast include a buffet dinner hosted by Demetre’s Catering sourced from local farmers and wineries and entertainment by Steele Wheels Band.

The list of farmers and wineries participating in this year’s Fall Fair Feast includes:

• Kootenay Natural Meats

• Tarzwell Farms

• Kootenay River Beef

• R & S Meyer Farm

• Chuckureese Abattoir Ltd.

• Root & Vine Acres

• Crestview Farms

• Sutcliffe Farms

• Riehl Farm

• Purple House Farms

• Flamenco Farms

• No’s Orchard

• Ki Mana Acres

• JRD Farms

• William Tell Family Estate

• Boots Fruits

• Kootenay Meadows Farm

• Lark Coffee Roasters

• Wloka Farms

• Faraman Farms

• Yaqan Nukiy Farms

• Cartwheel Farm

• Red Bird Estate Winery

• Wynnwood Cellars Estate Winery

• Skimmerhorn Winery and Vineyard

• Baillie-Grohman Estate Winery

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased directly at Fly in the Fibre and Black Bear Books.

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