Creston Town Hall. (Photo by Kelsey Yates)

SD8 to sell Kinsmen Park property to Lower Kootenay Band and the Town of Creston

The total purchase price for the property will be $355,000

The Kinsmen Park property in Creston, currently owned by School District 8, will soon be split between two new owners – the Lower Kootenay Band (LKB) and the Town of Creston.

“We are pleased to arrive at a ‘win-win-win’ agreement between School District 8, the Lower Kootenay Band, and the Town of Creston,” said Nasukin Jason Louie, Mayor Ron Toyota, and Board Chair Lenora Trenaman in a joint statement.

“The proposed transaction will benefit each of the parties and the people of the Creston Valley, including all indigenous and non-indigenous residents, Yaqan Nukiy community members, and all school district students.”

The school district had received offers to purchase the property from both the town and LKB in the fall of 2020. Since then, all three parties continued discussions as to how they and stakeholders in the Creston Valley could benefit from the future use of the property.

After consultations, it was decided that the 4.7-acre property is large enough to satisfy the plans of both the LKB and the Town of Creston.

Following on the Official Community Plan, the Town plans to use its 2.7-acre part of the property for recreational and community uses. As for the LKB, their 2-acre portion of the property will be utilized to develop new housing.

The total purchase price for the property will be $355,000. The parties expect to conclude the transaction in the fall of 2021, subject to receiving approval from the Ministry of Education and various other entities.

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