Riondel Milk Jug Regatta promoting non-motorized water sports

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  • Aug. 12, 2012 7:00 p.m.
THe Riondel beach will be a busy place during the Aug. 25 Riondel Milk Jug Regatta.

THe Riondel beach will be a busy place during the Aug. 25 Riondel Milk Jug Regatta.

Summer on the lake may bring to mind thoughts of motorboats and jet skis, but the Riondel Parks and Recreation Society is preparing a summer event that keeps the fun and promotes non-motorized water activities — the second annual Riondel Milk Jug Regatta.

The Aug. 25 event at Riondel’s north bay beach is comprised of two segments, a poker paddle in the morning and shallow water races in the afternoon. With the latter event, the catch is that the watercraft must be made of recyclable materials.

“We wanted to sponsor something that got people thinking about the water in ways that didn’t involve gasoline,” said treasurer Fran O’Rourke.

Sign-up for the poker paddle starts at 9 a.m. For a $10 entry fee — which goes toward the construction of a community kayak stand — adults can navigate their non-motorized craft along a predetermined route and collect five playing cards, with the best poker hand earning prizes.

Following a hotdog lunch, the afternoon’s shallow water races include one using any flotation device, such as an air mattress or inner tube, and the highlight race, in which participants race watercraft made with any materials accepted in recycling bins.

A $2 entry fee is donated to the community roof fund, and allows racers to have a great time, if last year’s race is any indication. One entry was a large cardboard box with a plastic bag wrapped around the bottom, and one boy filled a laundry basket with milk jugs, turned it upside down and sat on it.

“He didn’t make it far, but he had fun,” said O’Rourke.