Resident with mental health issues taxing RCMP

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  • Jan. 19, 2017 4:00 p.m.

A resident with mental health issues has been taxing RCMP, ambulance and hospital resources recently, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond, who describes the person’s recent (non-violent) behavior as “a bit of a downward spiral.” Hammond said the person has been calling police “two or three times a day”, often threatening suicide.  “Of course, we take such threats seriously,” he said. He estimates that this particular file has accounted for about 15 per cent of recent calls for service, which totaled 63 from January 9-15.

Hammond himself has been particularly busy, preparing to transfer management to a new staff sergeant in the near future. Hammond is retiring in early February after a 35-year career with the RCMP.

January 9

•A wallet found on 12th Avenue at Canyon Street was turned over to police.

•A vehicle passed a stopped school bus on Canyon-Lister Road at 51st Street.

•When police found no footprints in the snow around a 36th Avenue residence in Erickson they concluded a window had been blown opened by the wind and a break and entry had not taken place.

•A complaint from Yahk said that a resident was plowing snow from his property onto the public roadway, creating a traffic hazard.

January 10

•When police checked on a reported abandoned vehicle in Wynndel they came up against “a twisted tale of ownership,” Hammond said.

•A semi driving with no rear lights as it travelled southbound on Highway 21 was reported as a hazard.

•A female will not face assault charges after she slapped another female on 16th Avenue South after an attempt to cadge a cigarette failed. The victim did not want to press charges. “I just don’t want her to come back,” she said.

•An intoxicated male who was the subject of a complaint by an Elm Street resident was arrested and held in police cells until sober.

January 11

•A 911 call was dialed accidentally.

•When police investigated a report of a male in breach of his no contact order, they also found him to be in possession of illegal drugs. He faces charges on both infractions.

•A vehicle passed a stopped school bus on Erickson Road at 16th Avenue.

•A female on Birch Street reported receiving threatening text messages from an ex-boyfriend.

•A wallet belonging to a volunteer was stolen from a seniors’ hall on Canyon Street.

•A male who was the subject of two complaints about making inappropriate comments to females in the downtown area blamed his behavior on his use of the drug Ecstasy.

•A female exhibiting drug-induced behavior was reported on 16th Avenue at Cedar Street.

January 12

•The driver of a commercial vehicle stopped at Rykerts border crossing was unaware that his license plate was expired and his employer had new ones in the office.

•Police served a subpoena to an Erickson Road residence.

•An issue between a son and his mother resulted in a call to police from Kitchener.

January 13

•A vehicle went off Peterman Road and into the ditch.

•An intoxicated male was arrested on Clement Road and held in cells until sober.

•Stop checks on Erickson Road and Northwest Boulevard revealed no major problems.

January 14

•A male found sleeping in his vehicle on 18th Avenue South was found to be intoxicated. He was given a 24-hour driving prohibition. Police also found an unlicensed firearm in the vehicle and charges are pending.

•A vehicle parked on Kootenay Pass was broken into. Stolen items included ski equipment, a wallet and laptop computer.

•Police were called about an ice jam causing flooding to properties on Highway 21 near Goat River Bridge.

•A white extended cab pickup truck was reported doing donuts on Centre Road.

•A check stop of 15 vehicles in Erickson revealed no problems.

January 15

•Police did not locate a person reported to be driving while impaired by drug use.