The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Report of Xbox theft leads Creston RCMP to firearms in home

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  • May. 20, 2015 3:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP received 65 calls for service from May 11-17 Cpl. Gerry Sliworsky said on Tuesday.

May 11

•When a male on Vancouver Street called 911 to report the theft of an Xbox, police arrived to find firearms in the residence without proper paperwork.

•After two horses that broke through a fence in Wynndel, police located the owner, who rounded them up.

•A Creston resident reported being harassed by phone calls from a sheriff after a theft from an Idaho casino. It turned out she was not involved, and the sheriff’s department apologized.

•A female reported finding inappropriate questions on a job application. Police spoke with the business owner, who said the questions were a joke.

•The suspect could not be located when a resident called police to report seeing someone involved in an earlier gun-pointing incident.

•A boat trailer was struck in a hit and run at a Highway 3A launch, causing about $500 in damage.

•An oncoming vehicle hit another vehicle pulling out of a driveway on 16th Avenue South. There were no injuries.

•Police determined the driver did not assault a student on a school bus near Kitchener.

•No criminal activity took place during a neighbours’ dispute in Erickson.

•Police will follow up with the owner of a red Chevrolet Impala that was passing illegally near Kitchener.

•No indication of criminal behaviour was discovered when police investigated a car parked at Centennial Park, where children were playing.

•Police pushed a large boulder off Highway 3 20 kilometres east of Kootenay Pass.

•Cranbrook RCMP were informed of a BMW passing on a blind corner heading in their direction.

May 12

•A female turned in a shotgun she found while packing.

•A vehicle became high-centred while turning into a driveway on Erickson Road.

•A flower box at a downtown business was struck in a hit and run. The driver was identified and will be ticketed for failing to remain at the scene.

•A student who was not allowed on Prince Charles Secondary School (PCSS) property was gone when police arrived.

•A male exchanged words with a driver for speeding on Sixth Avenue North, then gave the licence plate number to police, who found the number was not attached to that vehicle.

•A seemingly abandoned truck and trailer in Erickson were in the process of being repaired.

May 13

•A sleepy driver ditched his vehicle on Lower Wynndel Road.

•A new tenant found and turned in a pistol found in a Lister residence.

May 14

•A maroon Sprintr scooter was found on Ash Street and can be claimed at the RCMP detachment.

•A vehicle pulling into the intersection at 10th Avenue North and Vancouver Street failed to see an oncoming car. No injuries were reported after the ensuing collision.

•The suspect identified in dumping garbage at the former West Creston ferry landing will clean up the mess.

•An assault between students at PCSS will be handled by the school.

•Minor damage was reported after a vehicle backed into another in a Helen Street parking lot.

•No injuries resulted when a vehicle struck a deer in Erickson. The deer was not located.

May 15

•A male camping on private property on Hurry Road left when asked.

•An investigation into a report of child pornography turned up nothing illegal.

•After falling asleep in public on Northwest Boulevard, an intoxicated male was given a ride home.

•A search and rescue team responded to a boat taking on water in Pilot Bay.

•A driver will be ticketed after surveillance video recorded a hit and run in a Canyon Street parking lot.

•A West Creston resident said she was being kept awake by loud “cannons” being used to scare away wildlife. Police were unable to locate the source.

May 16

•Suspicious youth reported near a Northwest Boulevard business were just playing.

•An impaired driver at the Kingsgate border crossing was issued a 24-hour suspension, as well as other citations.

•Police visited PCSS to warn an unwanted individual to stay away.

•Windows were smashed on vehicles in Kitchener.

•A female was held in cells until sober after being removed from a residence where she was not wanted.

•An intoxicated male was picked up behind the Greyhound station and held in cells until sober.

•Fraud was reported after a male tried to cash a cheque drawn on an account with insufficient funds.

May 17

•A found debit card will be returned to the bank.

•No evidence was found after a reported break and enter in Kingsgate.

•A window was broken at the Creston Valley Mall after a driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

•Shots heard in Kitchener came from someone firing a rifle in a safe manner and location.

•The owner of a horse wandering in Canyon and Lister could not be identified.

•Police could not determine the source of two shots fired in Yahk.

•The source of a single gunshot in Erickson was not found.