Regional directors unhappy with School District sale plan

Web Lead

  • Nov. 16, 2016 7:00 p.m.

Creston’s regional directors are unhappy after learning that the Creston Education Centre is being posted for sale on BC Bid, the provincial web site for disposal of publicly owned assets.

At last Thursday’s meeting of the Creston Valley Services Committee, directors from the Town of Creston and Areas A, B and C voted to request that the sale of the property not be on BC Bid. Instead, a letter to School District 8 board chair Lenora Trenamen, requests that a committee of school trustees be appointed “to investigate and consider all local available options prior to such a posting.”

In addition, Area B director Tanya Wall will attend the November 22 school board meeting to ask, “Why has the Creston Education Centre been posted on BC Bid for a Request for Proposal process when there is clear intent from community groups and local government to find locally crafted solutions.”

Service committee members took offense at a scheduled meeting on October 31 to discuss the future of the CEC. No school trustees attended, and neither did the superintendent of schools. School District 8 personnel demanded that all meeting participants sign a confidentiality agreement before the meeting would proceed.

In other CVSC news:

•Representatives from the Creston Museum made a presentation requesting an increase in RDCK funding beginning in the 2017 taxation year. The non-profit society has received funding amounting to 4.5 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value since 2000, while the funding bylaw allows up to 14 cents per $1,000.

Manager Tammy Bradford made a presentation outlining the Museum’s increase in public outreach effectiveness in recent years, in part because a second staff member has been added.

“I don’t think anyone at this table had a idea of the extent of what you do,” CVSC chair Larry Binks said.

“With an increase of one penny per $1,000 assessed value, we can can continue to be both the outstanding tourism operator we have always been, and the valuable community partner that so many organizations have come to rely on,” Bradford said.

The issue was referred to 2017 budget discussions.

•A discussion took place about the question of US dollar exchange and the ATM cash dispenser at Creston & District Community Complex. Binks had received a comment from a US visitor and raised the issue with CDCC manager Randy Feduik, who said the ATM does not work for US debit cards that have no security chip, and that US cash is accepted at par.

Mayor Ron Toyota suggested that an informal survey of community businesses should be undertaken to see if there was a common approach to offering exchange rates for US currency.

•A public meeting will be held on November 24 to display preliminary ideas for a skate park on the Community Complex grounds.

•Director Garry Jackman said Area A will not participate in funding a wayfinding signage study until it is determined whether such a program could cover communities such as Riondel.

“It makes sense for the Town of Creston but less for rural areas, and could be problematic where highway signage is proposed, because Ministry approval would be required,” he said.

•Representatives of the Creston Valley Thunder Cats Junior B hockey team will be invited to discuss their budget for hosting the Cyclone Taylor Cup provincial championships next year. Binks has already committed $10,000 toward the expense, but asked that other directors split that cost with Area C.