Reckless driver, online threats among Creston RCMP calls

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  • May. 3, 2016 8:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 69 calls for service from April 25-May 1, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Monday.

April 25

•A youth reported missing in Yahk was located shortly afterward.

•A complaint of threats and assault was made from Crawford Bay.

•A vehicle was reported to have been passing on a double solid line on Highway 3 in the Goatfell area.

•Threats to cats were made on Canyon Street.

•Mail was stolen from a group box in Lister, where the door was found open.

•Police were unable to locate a reported reckless driver in the 13000 block of Highway 3A.

•A collision involving a vehicle and a towed trailer occurred at 20th Avenue at Canyon Street.

•A male reported that he was bumped into in a Cook Street store, and then a short time later a person returned his wallet. Police could find no video evidence of the incident.

•A red Chevrolet Cobalt with Alberta plates was reported to be speeding and noisy on 10th Avenue North.

April 26

•Youths riding dirt bikes on the road were reported in Crawford Bay.

•Dogs barking and neighbours yelling were reported on 20th Avenue South.

•Four 911 calls were made from an Elm Street residence but no emergency was found.

•A cabin was broken in and used by the intruder on Nicks Island Road.

•Police dealt with a family and youth problems on 19th Avenue South.

April 27

•Power lines were down on Mallory Road at Highway 21.

•An adult was reported to be purchasing tobacco for youths on Canyon Street.

•A Sixth Avenue North resident reported a mail scam.

•A driver complained about his vehicle being towed by a Canyon Street business.

•A person reported to be homeless in Riondel was determined to be passing out flyers offering lawn care services.

•A wallet with ID was found on 16th Avenue.

•A neighbours’ dispute was reported on Cook Street.

•Police served a driving prohibition and seized a driver’s licence in Lister.

April 28

•A person banned from an 18th Avenue South location was reported to be banging on windows and doors.

•Police were given information about steroid distribution.

•RCMP members were involved in an investigation after a person crossed into the U.S. at Kingsgate without reporting in at the border.

•Bullying and online threats were reported in Lister.

•Annoying and persistent, but not threatening, text messages were reported from a 19th Avenue South residence.

•A female who was upset when she couldn’t get into a Canyon Street medical clinic dropped into the Juice FM station and complained about the music.

•A vehicle collided with an elk on Highway 3.

April 29

•Police received a report of a historical sexual assault.

•RCMP are investigating after receiving a report from Surrey police that three seized firearms had been traced back to the Creston area.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 21.

•An RCMP uniform was reportedly offered for sale on Pine Street.

•A Kitchener resident was reported to be attempting to domesticate wild turkeys.

•Credit card fraud and possible identity theft were reported by a Murdoch Street resident.

•A collision with a deer in Idaho was reported at the Creston police station.

•A single vehicle accident occurred on Highway 21.

•Youths were reported to be drinking on a Kitchener property.

April 30

•Vehicle registration papers were stolen on 18th Avenue South.

•A container possibly holding illegal drugs was reported on Northwest Boulevard.

•Exercise equipment was reported stolen from a Cedar Street residence.

•An Erickson resident reported hearing shots and a voice calling, “Get out of here,” but police could not find the source.

•An erratic driver was the object of a complaint from Reclamation Road.

•A group of five or six people was reported to be wandering suspiciously around Kuskonook harbor. They left in canoes.

•An intoxicated male involved in a family dispute on Erickson Road broke a window and was taken into custody for safety.

May 1

•A neighbours’ dispute broke out on Ash Street when one objected that the other was washing a driveway and pushing debris onto his driveway.

•Barking dogs led to a complaint from Wynndel.

•An erratic semi was reported on Highway 3.