Re: Access to Duck Lake

Re: Access to Duck Lake

I admire the courage of David Swain for taking the time to advise the residents and administrations of our valley of the access situation to Duck Lake. I have to ask how many hundreds or thousands more have had the same experience?

I personally have met not only locals but visitors from throughout North America, Europe and Asian countries visiting Duck Lake and like David mentions the spring and “fall migration” are highlights of the times of their visits. This does not mean there isn’t a steady stream during other times of the year.

Including the early spring closure and now these later closures access is available for only five months of the year and much of that time is in the winter months on account of no winter maintenance.

There is a total loss of opportunity to enjoy an adventure by vehicle in this valley without being in industries way except for the Duck Lake drive. I was a frequent traveler and have on many occasions visited with visitors who have taken the trip to the very north end and in many cases, they have been taking a lunch break. Many of these people like David says walking or cycling is not an option. Here one can drive at any leisurely pace you want and stop and admire what nature has to offer without being in anyone’s way. Also as David says you can experience nature up close.

As far as what David says about finding somewhere else to visit I personally witnessed an elderly visiting couple from Calgary, upon seeing lack of access, cancel two remaining days of reservation plus three days for another couple that was coming to spend time with them to witness the spring migration. They too were long time visitors. The lady of the couple was walking with a walker. They too are goners.

Unfortunately, the public has no say in the actions of the CVWMA.

Cyril Colonel | Wynndel