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RDCK discloses 2022 payments to staff, organizations and businesses

The Statement of Financial Information also contains audited financial statements for 2022
All municipalities, regional districts, and other public bodies are required by provincial law to publish a Statement of Financial Information annually. File photo

In 2022, the Regional District of Central Kootenay paid salaries of more than $100,000 to 18 of its senior staff members. It paid $931,157 in salaries and expenses to its elected directors, and it ended the year with an annual surplus of $4,056,048.

Those are three examples of the kind of information contained in the Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) report for 2022. All municipalities, regional districts and other public bodies are required by provincial law to publish this report annually.

They are required to list payments to directors and staff, payments made for goods and services over $25,000, and grants to groups and municipalities.

The report, which also includes the year’s annual audited financial statements, can be found at

The SOFI report lists all employees who were paid more than $75,000 in 2022. The total payroll in 2022 was $16,859,475 not including expenses, compared with 2021’s total of $15,997,301.

The RDCK runs 180 services, and has about 360 full- and part-time employees depending on the season.

The SOFI report itemizes the value of payments to each of 152 vendors from whom the RDCK made purchases over $25,000 during the year.

Grants over $25,000 from the regional district to 55 community organizations and municipalities are also listed.

The report states that the 11 rural directors each earned an allowance ranging from $36,800 to $43,500 plus expenses, while the nine municipal directors each received a higher amount in addition to the salary they earn from sitting on their respective councils.

The Statement of Financial Position shows an accumulated surplus (financial and non-financial assets minus liabilities) of $119,955,944, compared with $115,899,896 in 2021.

The Statement of Operations shows revenue of $62,445,615 (less than one per cent higher than the budgeted amount) and expenses of $56,861,466 (7.4 per cent higher than the budgeted amount). The resulting annual surplus of $4,056,048 is 48.6 per cent lower than budgeted.


City of Nelson discloses 2022 payments to staff, organizations and businesses

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