RDCK Area B candidate Jared LeBlanc wants more investment in agriculture

Web Lead

  • Oct. 30, 2014 8:00 p.m.

Jared LeBlanc and Tanya Wall are running for director of Regional District of Central Kootenay Area B in the Nov. 15 municipal election.


What experiences make you a good candidate for the RDCK board of directors?

I’m a blue collar guy, having worked in the warehousing, transportation and logistics industry since I was 16. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty, work hard and get the job done. I’ve also worked with business associates who built companies that went from $0 to over a million in sales in just six months; they are university educated and I mentored under them for many years. We shared ideas, worked together as a team, building business concepts to take to market. I understand business, entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy working with people from all walks of life.


What would be your top priority as a director?

My top priority as director would be to work with the agriculture industry; there seems to be a lack of support and communication from previous directors. Agriculture is an important industry. We need to invest time and money into maintaining what we have and building on that, making it attractive to want to farm, plant a crop or raise beef/dairy cattle. Continuing to support 4-H and implimenting agriculture programs for youth at the elementary and secondary school levels is important — the future generation needs to know how to grow a vegetable and raise an animal, and hopefully this encourages them to get involved in the agriculture industry so that it is sustainable for years to come!


Would you support a move to have all of the Creston Valley included in a single local government, such as a municipal district?

This question is really one that is up for discussion, not only with the surrounding RDCK regions but with town council and the people that reside in those communities. I would suggest putting this to a referendum vote in four years’ time if this remains a topic of discussion. I believe the RDCK and the town council infrastructure works. Granted, there has been some lack of communication between both the RDCK and town on community issues, but things got done, one being the repaving of Erickson Road this summer/fall.


How many RDCK/Creston Valley services committee meetings have you attended in 2014?

I recently attended the Erickson Community Association’s annual meeting. I met some great people, enjoyed the community potluck and watched two slideshow presentations, one of which showcased the ongoing work of the trails society. Having your thumb on the pulse within your district, getting to know the people in the various committees and hearing about their struggles and success is important to better understand the workings of their association within a given community. If elected, I plan to be at these meetings on a regular basis and help in any way I can.