RCMP report quiet Blossom Festival

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  • May. 30, 2011 3:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 98 calls from May 17-23, Staff Sgt. Gord Steward said on Tuesday. Few of those calls, however, resulted from Blossom Festival activities or the annual Kootenanny music festival, held this year on private property near Kootenay Lake.

“The number of calls is typical for this time of year,” he said. “But I’ve always been impressed with the behavior of people who attend festival events. This year was no exception.”

May 17

•No injuries resulted when a 2001 Honda Accord backed out of a parking lot and collided with a 2008 Subaru Impreza in the 200 block of 16th Avenue North.

•A male resident of the 900 block of 25th Avenue South complained about a Facebook comment posted by another male.

•Suspicious activity was reported in the 100 block of 7th Avenue North.

May 18

•Tires and rims were stolen from a vehicle parked near Highway 3A with a For Sale sign on it.

•A black DK Reaction bicycle was stolen from the 1800 block of Cedar Street.

•A female was arrested when police responded to a complaint that about an intoxicated male and female in an altercation at a 16th Avenue North residence. She was released and will appear in court at a future date.

•A resident in the 6200 block of Meadow Creek Road complained that a neighbour’s dogs were harassing her horse.

May 19

•An Alberta driver of a 2010 Ford Ranger reported colliding with a deer on Highway 3A.

•A complaint by a resident in the 6200 block of Meadow Creek Road that a neighbor was constructing a barbed wire fence on her property was deemed to be a civil dispute over a property line.

•A male employee of a business in the 16200 block of Wadds Road in Crawford Bay was bitten by a dog. The dog’s owner has been cautioned to control the animal.

•A 45-year-old female was arrested for assaulting a 44-year-old male with a walking stick on Highway 3 in Erickson.

May 20

•When police responded to a call about an overturned truck on Lower Wynndel Road they found the driver nearby. The 18-year-old male failed two roadside screening device tests for alcohol consumption and was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

•A female in the 1500 block of Alder Street complained that a neighbor was trimming branches from her trees that overhang on to his property, then throwing the branches onto her lot.

•The owner of an IPhone found on 16th Avenue South has been located.

•Vehicles were reported to be racing on Erickson Road.

May 21

•When a police patrol noted signs of alcohol consumption by the driver of a 1993 Chrysler Concorde on Erickson Road at 25th Avenue South, she refused to co-operate in an alcohol screening device. She was issued a 90-day driving prohibition and the vehicle was confiscated for 30 days.

•Derogatory signs being posted in Kitchener about a male were deemed not to be criminal in nature.

•When police responded to a complaint about a youth banging on a door they found a 16-year-old male waiting nearby, without pants or underwear. They had been taken by friends. The clothing items were later located and returned to the owner.

•An unoccupied US Nissan SUV rolled back into a black Jeep in the 1100 block of Cook Street.

•Police are investigating a fire in the 4400 block of Canyon-Lister Road. A marijuana grow op was inside.

•May 22

•Police arrested a 51-year-old male in the 2700 block of Highway 3 after a female reported she was assaulted.

•Police are investigating the reported theft of a camera in the 5900 block of Birch Avenue in Kitchener.

•Police received a report of an adult supplying liquor to minors on 16th Avenue South.

•Dirt bikes and quads were reported on the public road in the 1300 block of Goat River Road South.

•An abandoned 911 call from the 2800 block of Highway 3 might have been caused by an intoxicated dialer.

May 23

•A male was reported to be yelling obscenities in an ongoing neighbours’ dispute in the 5600 block of Atlin Avenue.

•A 911 call was dialed in error from the 800 block of Vancouver Street.