RCMP dealing with scams

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  • Mar. 30, 2017 10:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP have been dealing with several different types of fraud complaints in the last week, Sgt. Dave Nassichuk said on Tuesday. One of the most common occurs when a person sells an item through an Internet site and the buyer pays with a cheque for greater than the agreed price. The buyer then asks the seller to deposit the cheque and send him the difference. The scam is, of course, that the original payment is made with a fraudulent cheque.

Nassichuk said police responded to a total of 57 calls from March 21-27.

March 21

• A police officer was punched in the head by an intoxicated male who was causing a disturbance on Highway 3 in Erickson. The accused faces charges including assaulting a police officer and causing a disturbance.

• A reported fraudulent use of a credit card is under investigation.

• An intoxicated male reported to be lying on a path near Cedar Street was arrested. Police discovered he had a court condition not to consume alcohol and chargers are pending.

• A reported possibly impaired driver on Canyon-Lister Road was not located.

March 22

• Police are investigating shoplifting incidents on Northwest Boulevard with two different suspects who have ongoing issues with theft.

• An elderly female was reported to be living in poor conditions. An officer attended and learned she seems capable of making decisions, but the issue was referred to home health services as a precaution.

• Police will step up patrols in the Hagey Road area after a report of dirt bikes being driven on public roads.

• Highway 3 was closed by a rockslide west of Summit Creek and police checked to determine no vehicles were hit or covered by the slide.

March 23

• A driver lost control of his vehicle on Highway 3A near Crawford Bay and it rolled into a ditch. The car sustained severe damage but no injuries were reported.

• A male caused a disturbance at the Yahk post office.

• An abandoned and uninsured Ontario vehicle was towed from Devon Street.

• Young children reported playing on the roof of a Canyon Street commercial building were not located.

March 24

• Police dealt with a fraud complaint.

March 25

• A fraud attempt was reported when a resident was contacted by a purported investment firm from the US, asking for a $250 deposit and a credit card number, and promising a large return on the investment. The fraudster did not get any funds.

• An injured deer on Airport Road was dispatched.

• A male involved in a disturbance on Hillside Street was arrested under the Mental Health Act.

• A male faces an assault charge after a domestic dispute on 16th Avenue.

March 26

• A reported possibly impaired driver on 16th Avenue was not located.

• When police responded to a report of a dispute at a 5th Avenue North residence they determined a minor assault had occurred. The victim would not co-operate in laying charges.

• A male driver whose pickup ran into a powerpole at 25th Avenue South and Dogwood Street walked away from the scene. He was located and issued “numerous” violation tickets.

• Police are arranging to get surveillance video after a reported shoplifting at a Cook Street store.

• When police responded to a report that three occupants were sitting in a vehicle and smoking marijuana on 7th Avenue North the vehicle had left the area.

March 27

• Police dealt with the fraud reported on Page 1 of this issue.

• Police will step up patrols after a report of traffic speeding on Crawford Street.

• A fire extinguisher was found in Millennium Park and turned in to the police station.

• A car seat in good condition was dropped off at the police station.

• Another computer scam involved asking for a $300 payment in exchange for $15,000. The recipient of the offer did not bite.

•A bicycle was found on Hillside Street.

•A vehicle with a terminated licence plate was located on Highway 3. The driver was driving while prohibited. He was arrested and later released with numerous tickets and the vehicle was impounded.