Quiet week for Creston RCMP

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  • Nov. 14, 2011 11:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 70 calls from Oct. 31-Nov. 6, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Nov. 7.

October 31

•Police were unable to locate the source of a 911 call made from the Woolgar Road area in Crawford Bay.

•Ever wonder how some people get warnings for being reported for bad driving while others get tickets? The driver of a Ford Escort that ran a red light on Canyon Street is going to learn the hard way. Police issue tickets based on citizen’s complaints if the complaint is considered reliable, provides clear information and agrees to testify in court if needed.

•The family of a senior citizen in Creston Valley Hospital is getting involved after growing concerns about the elderly male’s guardianship by a non-relative.

•Police are investigating a complaint that a male is taking financial advantage of an elderly male resident of 18th Avenue South.

November 1

•RCMP could not locate a male who attended a Canyon Street business and looked around, asking in a joking manner if the security cameras were on.

•A female reported from her 11th Avenue South residence that she was partially taken in by a Nigerian Internet lottery scam, providing some personal information, but not credit card numbers.

•Bushnell binoculars were found on Canyon Street and can be claimed by their owner at the RCMP detachment on 16th Avenue South.

•Police are investigating reports of child abuse in Kitchener, in co-operation with personnel from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

November 2

•When police investigated a second-hand report from Cedar Street about threats, they learned from the so-called victim and perpetrator that there is no problem.

•Police assisted emergency health services personnel to enter the home of an injured female, who was taken to hospital.

•The owner of a vehicle reported to have tailgated and passed on a double solid line on Highway 3 has been sent a warning letter.

•When police were called out on a complaint that an elderly male on a ride-on lawnmower was blocking traffic on Canyon Street, “he had fled the scene,” Gollan said.

November 3

•A minor accident occurred on 16th Avenue South when one vehicle backed into another.

•Police served a summons to a 48th Street address on behalf of Innisfail, Alta., RCMP.

•A female reported missing from a Ninth Avenue South residence was located and found to be okay.

November 4

•Two males were found to be in breach of their curfews, one a resident of Cedar Street and one of Bodor Road.

•A male was caught shoplifting at a business in the 1000 block of Northwest Boulevard and has been charged with theft.

•An 11th Avenue North resident complained about the ongoing issue of a blocked driveway during concerts at the Snoring Sasquatch. Gollan said vehicles can be towed if the problem continues.

•When police investigating a report that a male was peering into windows at Prince Charles Secondary School, they found the man had mental health problems and was not considered to be a threat to students.

November 5

•A minor accident occurred in a parking lot in the 1600 block of Canyon Street when one vehicle backed into another.

•A complaint about a minor assault in a North-west Boulevard lounge is under investigation.