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Protesters clash with attendee at Kelowna drag show; police investigating

Counter protesters held signs that read ‘drag is for everyone’
Graeme Flannigan holding a sign that reads ‘no sex for children’ behind a group of children and their mom who attended the Holiday drag show and drag performer Toddy (Jacqueline Gelineau/Capital News)

Police are investigating after a Kelowna drag show drew protesters – and counter-protesters – ending in an altercation with an attendee Wednesday night (Dec. 7).

A small group of protesters, led by Graeme Flannigan, gathered outside the show held at DunnEnzies on Lakeshore Road. The group stated on social media that they were upset that the restaurant allows people of all ages to attend the drag shows.

Joelle Wolf attended the event alongside her three children, all of whom had signs expressing love and freedom, in a counter expression to the earlier protesters.

While protesters stood on the sidewalk in front of DunnEnzies, a person who self-identified with the LGBTQ2S+ community walked over to the protesters while saying “love is love.”

According to witnesses who spoke with the Kelowna Capital News, the person took off their shirt and was only in a bra. It’s alleged one of the protesters got physical with the person.

Police arrived shortly after. Two RCMP officers could be seen taking statements from those involved.

Deb Dunnigan, co-owner of DunnEnzies, said that they have hosted all-ages drag shows a number of times.

“We like to be inclusive to all people and all the citizens of Kelowna… tonight we have the Salvation Army crew accepting donations for children that actually need help,” Dunnigan said.

“We do have some protesters out front talking about a sex show for children. I’m not really sure what’s going on with it and why, but we’re doing nothing except hosting shows and doing our thing out here.”

She said that at DunnEnzies they respect a parent’s right to choose what they expose their children to, as well as people’s right to protest.

Capital News has reached out to RCMP for more information.

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