Partisan politics

Partisan politics

MP Wayne Stetski made an interesting vote on our behalf.

Dear Editor,

Last week in Parliament, our MP Wayne Stetski made an interesting vote on our behalf. Mr. Stetski sits on the Environment Committee. Incredibly, Mr. Stetski voted to not investigate Volkswagon’s cheating on GHG emissions.

Most people have heard that the Volkswagon corporation got caught cheating on their actions to reduce emissions. For years, Wayne Stetski has claimed to be a friend of our natural environment, but when he had a chance to hold a large multinational corporation to account, he declined. Why? Its simple – I think, Mr. Stetski voted against the motion because the motion came from a Conservative member of the Committee.

I believe an MP should vote on the basis of what is right and honest and in the best interests of constituents back home – not on the basis of partisan politics or on how the political masters tell you to vote. If I am elected on October 27th by my Conservative colleagues to run against Mr. Stetski in the next federal election, the people of Kootenay-Columbia will come first, not partisan politics.

Kind Regards,

Wendy Booth | Candidate for the Federal Conservative Nomination