Only call 911 in emergencies, says Creston RCMP staff sergeant

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  • May. 24, 2012 5:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 80 calls for service from May 14-20, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Tuesday.

May 14

•Two 911 calls were made from a Seventh Avenue North residence, where a male was refusing to leave a house party. He was gone when police arrived.

“Obviously this is not the purpose of the 911 service, which should only be used for genuine emergencies,” Gollan said.

•A local resident reported the possible fraudulent access to a bank account. The bank is working with the customer to investigate.

•A bear and the occupants of the vehicle that hit it on Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass escaped injury.

•A vehicle parked on Northwest Boulevard and displaying a for sale sign had a side window smashed.

•With friends like this who needs enemies? A female reported that her phone number had been posted on the Internet, with an invitation for “casual encounters”. Her friends called it a prank. She is having her phone number changed.

•The owner of a silver Windstar reported to be driving erratically on Canyon-Lister Road will be contacted.

•Police were unable to locate a shirtless male reported to be walking down Canyon Street drinking beer.

•Police conducted a requested well-being check at an 11th Avenue South residence and found the resident to be OK.

May 15

•A historical sexual assault was reported and is under investigation.

•Creston police served a subpoena to an Erickson Road resident on behalf of Grande Prairie, Alta., RCMP.

•Minor damage resulted from a collision at a Highway 21 South intersection.

•Police were able to trace the source of a 911 call to a phone owner in the Hope area. The phone has been the source of numerous 911 calls and the investigation continues.

•The business owner of a vehicle that was reported to be driving recklessly near Crawford Bay has been contacted and will deal with the driver.

•A minor two-vehicle collision in a 25th Avenue South driveway appears to have been caused by a driver who needed medical help. He was transported to hospital by ambulance.

May 16

•Volunteers with the West Creston Fire Protection Society extinguished a grass fire near Nick’s Island Road.

•Minor damage resulted when a semi backed into another semi on Erickson Road.

•Police are investigating allegations of threats on Canyon Street.

•No theft appears to have taken place during a break-in to Kootenay Forge in Crawford Bay.

•A complaint about loud music was received from a Centre Road residence.

May 17

•A well-being check at a 20th Avenue South residence revealed a female was intoxicated, but otherwise OK.

•A vehicle collided with two deer on Highway 3 east of Yahk.

•Police located an intoxicated male who had arrived at a Cedar Street residence. He was advised to visit the premises only when he is sober.

•A prescription was reported lost on Northwest Boulevard.

•When police attended a Cook Street residence about a loud noise complaint the owner voluntarily turned the music down.