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Nelson-Creston election candidates want to continue library funding

Prior to the May 14 election, the Advance asked Nelson-Creston candidates if they support provincial funding for public libraries...
(From left) Sjeng Derkx (Green Party)

Prior to the May 14 election, the Advance asked Nelson-Creston candidates, Do you support continued provincial funding for public library systems?

Sjeng Derkx (Green Party): Libraries are changing as fast as the ways in which we access information, and continue to play a critical role as a place to keep information accessible for everybody. Library use is increasing by users from preschoolers to seniors. Greens believe that libraries should co-operate closely with our schools, social service agencies and seniors organizations to ensure barriers to minimal. Provincial funding for libraries is essential in our society, where access to information is increasingly important in everything we do.

Greg Garbula (Liberal Party): My family have been library members and supporters in every community that we have been part of. I believe that the library is an integral component of a community and provides for a safe and supportive environment for every citizen on a level playing field. Even with the technology advances and mobile information today, libraries are getting stronger and growing throughout the province. I believe that the provincial government has a responsibility to ensure that a base funding is available across the province so that the municipalities have the ability to provide a strong library presence in their area regardless of size, as your local library will afford a social thread and harbour for all members of a civilized society.

Michelle Mungall (New Democratic Party): In a word, yes. As a library user, I know that libraries are community hubs and are essential to promoting literacy in our society. To be sure, my NDP colleagues and I recognize the vital role libraries play in our province.