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  • Mar. 8, 2017 9:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 61 calls for service from February 28-March 6, Cpl. Gerry Sliworsky said on Tuesday.

February 28

• Alcohol was a factor in a dispute between a couple who were breaking up on 16th Avenue North.

• A vehicle lost control on ice in the 4000 block of Highway 3 in Erickson and went off the road. There were no injuries.

• Suspicious campers reported on Whitetail Road in Kingsgate were on crown land, where it is okay to camp in the winter.

• Police attended a Wigen Road residence in Wynndel to keep the peace after a family dispute broke out.

• Police are investigating an alleged forged signature in a landlord-tenant dispute in Erickson.

• A male suspected of shoplifting in a Northwest Boulevard store has been banned from the premises.

• A 4th Avenue North resident reporting paying for a puppy on Kijiji but not getting the dog.

• A minor two-vehicle crash on 44th St. was reported to have happened the previous day.

• A person reported seeing blood on the rear  bumper of a vehicle passing Nick’s Island Road and heading west. Police located the vehicle and concluded the blood was from a legally shot animal.

• A person coming down from a drug high on 15th Avenue caused a disturbance and police were asked to move him. They did, to a friend’s home.

•  After a dispute between mother and son, the mother asked police to remove him for the night, which they did.

• A dog bit another dog on Russell Avenue in Riondel. The dog and owner were not located.

March 1

• A suspicious parked vehicle in a Yahk parking lot turned out to be out of gas and the owner looked after things.

• Ammunition was turned in for destruction from 7th Avenue North.

• A dog was shot, but not fatally, on Highway 3A near Gray Creek. There are no suspects.

March 2

• Police are investigating a threat by youths in the 3500 block of Erickson Road.

• A male was arrested under a Mental Health Act warrant and taken to hospital for assessment.

• A vehicle was towed after a driver who had consumed alcohol was given a 24-hour driving prohibition.

• Post boxes were damaged on Airport Road in Lister.

• Police received a report, but a bank is investigating a client’s report of suspicious credit card charges.

• A male was issued a three-day driving prohibition for driving under the influence of alcohol on Highway 3 in Erickson.

• A dental office reported getting a fraudulent cheque from a patient.

• Police attended an 10th Avenue South location to help EMT personnel with an elderly female who had fallen in the snow.

• Police did a well-being check on children in a 10th Avenue South residence and found them to be fine.

March 3

• A resident reported being caught in a Microsoft virus scam, but the credit card payment was quickly reversed.

• Never, repeat never, step out a hotel room door with no clothes on. A male learned his lesson the hard way when he did so and had to walk to the front desk for assistance.

• A request to check on the well-being of a female on Elsie Holmes Road was granted, and she was fine.

• An injured deer was dispatched by a nearby resident in the 5000 block of Highway 3A.

March 4

• Alcohol was involved but there was no violence in a domestic dispute at a residence.

• A van driven by an Alberta person went over the bank on icy roads in Kitchener.

• Police are still trying to locate the owner of a purse on 18th Avenue South.

• A male driver with a large number of unpaid traffic fines was arrested until a friend helped to pay the charges.

March 5

• A Crawford Bay male was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant.

• No injuries resulted when a vehicle driving in the 3000 block of Erickson Road slowed to allow the vehicle ahead to turn and then got rear-ended for his efforts.

• A lock on a Uri Road fence was cut and replaced in a dispute between neighbours.

March 6

•A train sideswiped another on a siding in Yahk.

•An intoxicated male was picked up in West Creston, then taken to hospital, where he was refused admission due to his state. He was held overnight in police cells and then was taken back to hospital, where he was admitted.