Nadan Nessie Gear is hosting the third annual Creston's Largest Loser contest from January-April 2012.

Nadan Nessie Gear is hosting the third annual Creston's Largest Loser contest from January-April 2012.

Nadan Nessie gears up for third Creston’s Largest Loser

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  • Dec. 28, 2011 7:00 a.m.

For the third year, Nadan Nessie Gear is hosting Creston’s Largest Loser, a three-month weight-loss competition that starts in January.

“Our focus in the market is to promote a healthier lifestyle as our motto states, ‘You supply the energy, we supply the gear,’ ” said Sherri Fowler, who runs the store for her daughter, Vannessa. “We want to be able to assist the community to connect or reconnect with the healthy dietary and exercise options available here in our community to obtain and /or sustain a healthy lifestyle.”

Cindy Allard and Chad Wobshaw won the first two, respectively, and Fowler said the contest has changed the lives of every contestant, even those who didn’t come close to the finish line.

“They left with knowledge and recognition of goal-setting and components necessary to achieve their goals,” said Fowler. “A lot of this was met by coming to the store on a weekly basis, standing on the scales and being personally accountable for the readout.”

There were many success stories from the first two contests, among them a contestant who wanted to be fit for his wedding and another who is now mentoring in weight loss.

“A few who entered last year are coming back this year,” said Fowler. “They said that they were not ready a year ago but have the willingness to do the program again.”

Registrations have just begun at the Canyon Street store, and Fowler said she’s noticed that not only individuals but groups of two or three are signing up together — and a total of 150 are expected. Registrations will be taken until Jan. 5 at 5:30 p.m., and the first weigh-in is scheduled for Jan. 7.

In early April the winners will be announced, with the largest loser — the participant who loses the highest percentage of body weight — winning $3,000, and the second- and third-place contestants winning $1,500 and $500, respectively. As well, incentive prizes will be offered throughout the competition.

For many contestants, participation in Creston’s Largest Loser will be an incredible experience.

“Our worlds are not perfect, so there are levels of frustration and impatience, lest we forget the levels of satisfaction from accomplishment, as well as that incredible good feeling as your body responds to a healthy diet and proper regular exercise,” Fowler said. “It’s just a whole new world.”

For more information, call 250-402-6660.