The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

MVAs keep Creston RCMP busy over holiday season

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  • Jan. 6, 2015 5:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 56 calls for service from Dec. 22-28, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Dec. 29.

December 22

•A vehicle that drove through a field and got stuck in a yard on Erickson Road was gone when police arrived on the scene.

•Police attended a Cedar Street residence to locate a female, who was OK.

•The year couldn’t end soon enough for a couple driving from the West Coast to Saskatchewan. After an argument while they were stopped for gas on Canyon Street, he went inside to pay and she drove away. Police later determined she was returning home and he was making arrangements with friends for a ride out of town.

•While conducting a well-being check on Sylvester Road, police determined the resident had gone away for the holidays.

•Minor damage resulted when a vehicle backed into another on 15th Avenue North.

•A Wynndel Road resident turned in a firearm for destruction.

•A man reported to be driving erratically on Northwest Boulevard was located and told police he was lost and had been looking for a restaurant.

•An argument between adult brothers on Northwest Boulevard broke out over a legal issue.

•A driver was taken to hospital for examination after his vehicle went off Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass when he swerved to avoid a deer in icy road conditions.

•A Highway 3 resident complained that a person serving a civil claim document had come to the door.

•A driver who required hospital treatment after going off Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass was issued a ticket for driving too fast for conditions.

December 23

•A person who cut an eight-foot blue spruce from a Highway 95 property said he thought it was Crown land and offered to pay for the tree.

•Police assisted Kamloops RCMP by serving a warrant on a Highway 3 resident.

•Minor damage occurred during an attempted break-in to a Cook Street building.

•No injuries resulted in a collision caused by a vehicle making a left turn in front of another on Canyon Street.

•A Kitchener resident complained that he had purchased a vehicle that was not registrable and was refused a refund.

•A male reported to be “freaking out” on Eighth Avenue South was found to be intoxicated, but otherwise okay.

•A male who assaulted a male and female on Reclamation Road was arrested and then released on conditions.

December 24

•Police are investigating a shoplifting on Canyon Street.

•Extensive damage resulted when a vehicle went off Canyon-Lister Road in slippery conditions.

•Minor damage resulted when a vehicle went into the ditch on Highway 3.

•No damage or injuries resulted when a vehicle went into a ditch on Highway 3.

•A driver reported to being driving at high speeds on Highway 3 was located at his residence and warned.

December 25

•A Sixth Avenue North resident reported two people as missing because they didn’t come for dinner as invited.

December 26

•A well-being check on an elderly male found he was OK.

•A noisy party was reported on Elm Street.

December 27

•A male kicked out of a car on Highway 3 by his brother was found to be OK and staying in a hotel.

•A vehicle sustained minor damage when it went off Meadow Creek Road.

•No injuries resulted when a vehicle crashed into a power pole on Highway 95.

•A Chevrolet pickup reported to be driving erratically on Highway 3A near Boswell was not located.

•A well-being check on Erickson Road conducted at the request of police in Quebec revealed the resident was OK.

•No theft resulted from an attempted break-in to a 12th Avenue North building.

•Police were unable to locate a prowler who attempted to enter vehicles and a tool trailer on Highway 3.

•An elderly male who had been drinking was found sleeping in his vehicle on Canyon Street was given a ride home.

December 28

•A historic assault complaint from Kootenay River Road is being investigated.

•A vehicle collided with a fire hydrant on an icy Hillside Street.

•A vehicle missed a turn on Erickson Road and ended up in a yard, causing some damage to a tree.

•A wallet, credit card and passports were stolen from a vehicle on 36th Avenue North.

•A damaged vehicle in a Beam Road ditch was towed.

•A Balsam Road resident reported receiving harassing text messages.