Scott Irwin. (Photo submitted)

Scott Irwin. (Photo submitted)

Meet the Candidates: Scott Irwin

Irwin is seeking election for one of six Town of Creston councillor positions

I’m 21 and I have enjoyed living in Creston for a few years. Being an avid hiker, biker, and runner, I was initially drawn to this area because of its beautiful views and long summers. Recently, I have been the manager of a local business, which has helped me become very invested in budgeting and financial projections. During my time as manager, business has increased by 40%.

I would like to represent the younger demographic in the valley and inspire them to get involved, as well as help subsequent generations by ensuring a prosperous future.

I believe I would make a great addition to the town council because I am very confident, assertive, and willing to stand up for and support the ideas and concerns of my constituents. I do not haphazardly make decisions hoping for the best, but opt for a calculated and organized approach to problem solving, while also spending time evaluating after the project. I know how to research, have computer skills, and know how to work hard. I’m willing to learn, and not afraid to ask the hard questions or express my concerns.

I believe people are not as involved or invested in politics and decision making within this community as they could be. Part of this problem stems from the current town council not making council meetings easily accessible to the general public by holding them on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. when most people are working.

Council and town staff haven’t been very transparent about costs for capital expenditures and don’t seem to be very fiscally prudent or accountable to the hardworking taxpayers. Another concern is that taxes have risen, along with costs such as fuel, food, and building materials. The taxpayer is expected to pay more out of their pocket without more coming in. When the need for and use of the Food Bank is rising, our community has a problem. Council can do its part by curbing the increasing taxes.

I am determined to open up town council so that residents of Creston can attend more easily, as well as have the meetings recorded and available for residents to view at their convenience. I am against the closed-doors style system that the town council is currently employing, I believe it gives them the ability to make decisions without proper accountability. I am young, energetic, and eager to make a difference and contribute in a positive way.

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