Nora Maddocks is one of three mayoral candidates for the Town of Creston. (Submitted)

Nora Maddocks is one of three mayoral candidates for the Town of Creston. (Submitted)

Meet the Candidates: Nora Maddocks for Mayor

Maddocks is one of three mayoral candidates

I love Creston and the Creston Valley. I have lived in the Kootenays from 1965 to 1986 and in Creston 2016 to today. My passion extends to seniors and young working families. I will continue to work to ensure they have the ability to remain and thrive in the Town of Creston. I sincerely want a town where our graduates can find meaningful jobs and stay and raise their families. I am fully aware of the incredible rise in property taxes and other fees the residents of Creston faced this year. If the spending is not controlled and the decision makers not held accountable, taxes and fees will continue to rise. The lack of affordable housing for our residents is not conducive to improving our town or our resident’s well being. I have some awesome ideas to share.

I have a varied and extensive 42 years work history which will prove to be an invaluable asset to our community. My comprehensive “hands-on” experience reflects my ability to perform the duties of the mayor of Creston. One small example, of my many abilities, would be my tract record of administering construction contracts, business contracts, etc. It is an absolute necessity for legal language to be inserted within the body of a contract to provide protection against avoidable cost over runs, a monetary penalty for lack of performance, a monetary penalty clause for non- compliance with project completion deadlines. I also recognize the need for accurate “progress reports” and “progress payments”, etc. When elected, I, as your mayor, would ensure that this legal binding language be included in all contract documents to protect the taxpayers of Creston.

I would also ensure that any government grants would be used for the purpose intended, not designate parts of them for other purposes. Since many questions that I have asked Town Hall are not answered satisfactorily, if elected, I, as your mayor will be open, honest, and forthcoming with the information.

If elected, I, as your Mayor will be fiscally responsible, and the resident’s opinions will be considered first and foremost. We will not divorce you from the decision making process for our community.

Also please note, during this election campaign, I will not knowingly exaggerate an issue or make promises, that I cannot keep, just to win an election.

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