Monique Arès is running for Creston’s town council. (Submitted)

Monique Arès is running for Creston’s town council. (Submitted)

Meet the Candidates: Monique Arès for Council

Arès is running for one of six council positions

I have lived in Creston for 20 years and recently purchased a home in town with my partner, Jacob Ewashen. We have a one-year-old daughter, who is our pride and joy, and we spend most of our spare time tending to our garden and taking advantage of the Creston Valley’s natural recreation opportunities. I previously completed a Bachelor of Justice Studies and am currently completing a Master of Social Work. I have enjoyed working at Kootenay Employment Services (KES) in a variety of roles for the past six years, where I am actively involved in addressing the economic and social needs of our community.

Through both my education and work experience, I have developed a good understanding of policy development and interpreting legislation. I have over a decade of experience in a variety of leadership roles, and I understand the importance of working collaboratively with a team, listening to opposing views and coming to a respectful, collective decision. I spent time volunteering internationally at a refugee camp where I learned to adapt in new and challenging circumstances, navigating with compassion and empathy.

As a long-standing Creston resident and homeowner, I have a vested interest in the well-being of this community. This is where I work, where my partner works, and where we are raising our daughter. Children deserve to grow up in a healthy community and I want to do my part to help bring out the best that Creston has to offer.

It’s important that Creston residents see themselves in town council, and I bring a local’s perspective and a mother’s point of view. I am open-minded and inclusive, and my goal is to listen by making space for community consultation. Also, I am a curious, critical thinker with a passion for learning, and I will bring these qualities, along with perseverance and integrity, to the role of town councillor.

Through my work at KES and my education in social work, I have learned about the influence of urban design in contributing to the well-being of a community. I would like to focus on continuing to improve Creston’s infrastructure. This includes creating more spaces where people can come together as a community and break down social barriers. Importantly, it is priority that Creston be accessible for everyone of different ages and abilities. As well, incorporating green spaces into Creston not only improves aesthetics, but also creates climate change resiliency in our community.

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