Candidate Elizabeth Ireland. (Photo submitted)

Candidate Elizabeth Ireland. (Photo submitted)

Meet the Candidates: Elizabeth Ireland

Ireland is vying for a position as councillor with the Town of Creston

At 18 years of age, I started a 35 year career at sea, as a commercial fisher. Later, advanced training offered positions on passenger ferries and log ships. I solidified my marine training with 20 years of Search and Rescue with the Canadian Coast Guard. The exteneded time I spent on land, offered the opportunity to train in different modalities of holistic health. Almost 30 years of training provided other strings to my bow.

After retiring from my sea-going career, I completed a year-long business program and utilized my many trainings to start and manage a successful business in the holistic health field. This time was shared with full-time care of an elderly parent.

With the passing of my parents, I subsequently moved my business to the West Kootenays. I have studied course development and online marketing and plan teaching much of my health, eldercare, and food as medicine strategies online.

Work with Search and Rescue required the highest standards in safety, teamwork, preparedness, maintenance scheduling, and maintaining the ships systems for operation, and emergency use. This requires constant vigilance, and scheduling for effective operations. These experiences lend themselves well to understanding town infrastructure and maintenance operations and procedures. The health and eldercare experience and training elicits anticipating the needs of others for safety and well being.

With the principles of food as medicine, the Creston Valley has so much to offer. Supporting our food growers, and natural world, protecting our waters and supplying safe and effective infrastructure to maintain or enhance where possible will greatly influence the health and well-being of us all and the generations that follow.

Teaching future generations; It is said, when one man dies, a library is lost. I believe strongly that teaching foundational life skills, that foster independence and well-being, provides a necessary foundation for a whole and well-rounded education. It fosters responsibility to protect the natural, discernment to understand all that is in play, utilize, time and wisdom to assess the most effective, safest road ahead. Not teaching what to think, but how to think, for their best and highest good. Education for our children is of great concern to me. Preparing them for the world they will graduate into, while retaining the skills of their ancestral past.

It would be a privilege and an honour to serve the people of Creston and to be your voice at town council meetings.

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