Denise Dumas. (Photo by Lindi Ortega)

Denise Dumas. (Photo by Lindi Ortega)

Meet the Candidates: Denise Dumas

Dumas is seeking election for one of six council seats with the Town of Creston

I was born and raised in Cranbrook, B.C., to my parents, Ron and Judy Toyota, who were born and raised in the Creston Valley and have been together since high school. I’ve been married to my husband Jesse for 25 years, and together we have four grown children and a lovely daughter-in-law. For work, I am a contract painter and have run my business in this area for 17 years. In my spare time, I’m an active hiker and enjoy supporting local businesses in the community by shopping or frequenting coffee shops and restaurants with friends. I’m also an avid bowler with the in-town league and currently volunteer as a director on the Cresteramics, Trails for Creston Valley Society, and 5 Pin Bowling boards.

I am interested in representing council because I love the Creston Valley, and I want to add to the ongoing positive growth of our town. I’ve enjoyed watching the great work that the current council has done, and I feel that I can contribute positively to Creston’s forward movement now and into the future.

As a business owner and active community volunteer, I have gained experience and skills that would be relevant to the position on town council. Over the last 14 years, I have also volunteered for my father’s four election campaigns, as he continued to be re-elected as mayor. I’m able to think critically and practically when working through challenges or nuanced opportunities, and I’m not afraid to work hard at finding solutions and logical answers.

For the Town of Creston, there are numerous issues that require focus, but broadly speaking, I’d like to continue the efforts to build sustainability for multiple generations to live in our small town.

I am committed to listening to the community’s feedback and to serving our valley to the best of my ability. I know that I have much to learn, and I will put the hard work needed into that learning, including being prepared for and ready to contribute effectively at council meetings.

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