Anthony Mondia. (Submitted)

Anthony Mondia. (Submitted)

Meet the Candidates: Anthony Mondia

Mondia is seeking election for one of six Town of Creston councillor positions

My father, an electrician, and my mother, who couldn’t speak English, moved across an ocean to Sidney, B.C. where I was born and raised. I grew up away from extended family and the tiny mountain village that my family called home for over 1,000 years.

Early on, I became an expert at making people not feel like a stranger because I was one. I know how awkward and hard it can be to meet new people. I’m always the first to introduce myself, listen, get to know those around me, and connect with others. Community is one of my core values that moves me to act.

I first became aware of Creston when I saw a presentation on how Kootenay Investment Co-op supported the construction of Casey’s and how involved the community was in making the vision a reality. That gave me confidence that Creston has a community that can come together, independently of government, and make something to be proud of.

People in Creston have been incredibly helpful, whether it was with my garden and fruit trees, house renovations, or finding the next hike. Creston affords me a lifetime of learning and adventure, and all I ask is for the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful community and give back.

Born in 1984, Christy Clark was the first BC premier in my life not forced to resign due to scandal! I grew up questioning if it was even possible to have good government. Good government is one that ensures the assets under its administration are not neglected. It is one whose policies maintain the delicate balance of allowing people to do as they please without negatively impacting another’s ability to do so.

As a chartered professional accountant who has helped small towns attract doctors, secure timber supply, grow farmers’ markets, and finance iconic community businesses, I believe I can continue ensuring sound decisions are made regarding the Town of Creston’s $50 million in assets and work to ensure policies build trust in government.

If you believe that this is where our focus needs to be as I do, then I ask for your vote. And if you want to work towards this goal as I do, then I ask you to connect with me so we can work together.

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