Candidate Amber Bartlett for Town of Creston council. (Submitted)

Candidate Amber Bartlett for Town of Creston council. (Submitted)

Meet the Candidates: Amber Bartlett

Bartlett is vying for a position on Creston’s town council

I am a very approachable and ambitious person. I am eager to learn new things and share my past experiences. I am also a quick learner.

People that know me would say that I am a dedicated, loyal, and dependable worker. I am a strong believer in becoming involved in my community. I thoroughly understand the importance of making a commitment of my time, energy, and support to any task at hand.

I was employed by the largest municipality in B.C. and will be able to give a new view on improvements to the sustainability of the Town of Creston. My knowledge of the infrastructure, functions, and costs will be beneficial in progressive decision making, with a focus to future advancements that will accommodate the expected growth of our community.

I have been involved in a structured environment all of my working life. I am grateful to have had the added opportunity to represent, in the past, my local union members as a delegate at the CUPE BC convention. My communication and negotiation skills proved an asset in representing my fellow employees.

I am excited and ready to work effectively with our future team of councillors and future mayor to ensure accountability at all levels and to gain a good working relationship with the residents of Creston. I will always consider, first and foremost, the well-being and interests of the residents of the Town of Creston.

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