Lower taxes, new development priorities for Creston council candidate Arnold DeBoon

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  • Oct. 29, 2014 1:00 p.m.
Arnold DeBoon is running for Creston town council in the Nov. 15 municipal election.

Arnold DeBoon is running for Creston town council in the Nov. 15 municipal election.

Penny A.P. AndersonKevin BoehmerEvelyn BradfordJen ComerArnold DeBoonJim ElfordDaniel GuertsLon HansenMyrna JohnsonJoe SnopekKaren UnruhEd Vondracek and incumbent Joanna Wilson are running for Creston town council in the Nov. 15 municipal election.


What experience do you have that would make you an effective councillor?

I worked for the provincial government as a conservation officer for 26 years, 23 of which were in Creston. Much of my last 10 years in public service have been spent in supervisory and management roles. I have much experience in budget planning, business planning, reorganization and change management. I have supervised the field services in both the east and west Kootenays. I was also the president of the Society of BC Conservation Officers for four years.

In my time here in Creston, I have gotten to know many people, mainly in my public service role. Here in the community, I have been the president of Creston Trinity Housing Society for more than 15 years. Our society is non-profit, and we run the Catalpa Apartments next to the United Church, which provides low cost housing for seniors. In 2013 I retired and I feel that with my experience and learning, I will be a good fit on council, as I have developed a very good understanding of the workings of government. I also feel that Creston is a great place to live, and I truly care what happens here.


What is your top priority for the next town council?

I am running with a slate of candidates and our top priority is a property tax reduction. We need to get our spending under control and encourage new development. We also need to foster a more business-friendly atmosphere in town and encourage people to shop locally. For more on our platform please go to ActionCreston.com. I know the entire Creston area much better than most and will promote it as much as I can.


Should the Creston Valley have a single, locally managed form of government?

No, not at this point. Town council needs to focus on the needs of Creston, but it’s vital that we work in co-operation and collaboration with the Regional District of Central Kootenay and other entities. The more services we can share, the better for all of us.


How many council/committee meetings have you attended in 2014?

So far in 2014, I have attended two council meetings. I realize that being on council requires a fairly significant commitment of time, and I am able to fulfill this because of my recent retirement. I very much look forward to the challenge.