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Large doghouse reported stolen to Creston RCMP

A doghouse with a red tin roof and white tin walls was stolen from a Cook Street yard 10 days earlier...
The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Creston RCMP responded to 88 calls from April 9-15, Cpl. Charlotte Joa reported on Monday. (The first part of this week's report can be found here.)

April 12

•A doghouse with a red tin roof and white tin walls was stolen from a Cook Street yard 10 days earlier. Witnesses saw five males lifting it into the back of a pickup around midnight.

•A cordless drill and ratchet set were missing after a break and enter to a Devon Street garage.

•A driver reported driving into another vehicle at 19th Avenue and Canyon Street the night before. There were no injuries and damage was minimal.

•Police found 10 small campfire propane tanks, a high-powered rifle and ammunition when investigating a report of loud shots fired at a gravel pit in Lister.

•Two partially filled jerry cans were found inside Pioneer Villa, which had been broken into within the previous two weeks.

•An abandoned 911 call was made from Cedar Street.

•A court-ordered DNA sample was taken on Haskins Road on behalf of the Nelson RCMP detachment.

•An unlicensed trailer found in a Highway 21 ditch was towed.

•A neighbour who reported a possible break-in to a home under construction on 10th Avenue North actually observed the drywall contractor.

•Police were unable to locate a female reportedly driving an ATV with her child on Wiebe Road without helmets.

April 13

•A male reported that trees had been cut down in his parents yard on Simmons Road. Neighbours saw the suspect cutting the trees.

•One male PCSS student assaulted another male student, as the result of an assault on the school bus the day before. One received a minor concussion and the other a minor hand injury, and both were suspended for five days. The case may be referred to restorative justice.

•A female on Highway 3 was fine when RCMP performed a well-being check.

•A licence was reported stolen from a vehicle at Crawford Bay Park.

•A home was engulfed in flames when RCMP arrived at the scene on Airport Road.

•Nobody was home when RCMP followed up on an abandoned 911 call on Simon Road.

•A lost rear licence plate was reported on Channel Road.

•A female, who had previously been westbound on Highway 3, was taken to the hospital for treatment after her vehicle crossed the road for an unknown reason and headed down an embankment.

•An abandoned 911 call was received from the vicinity of Ash Street and 25th Avenue South.

•A social insurance card is being held at the RCMP detachment after police were unable to locate the owner.

•A white four-door car was driving erratically on Erickson Road and Highway 3, forcing another vehicle into the ditch. No plate number was obtained, and the car was not located.

•A girl burned by a fire reported a disturbance at the west end of Kootenay River Road, where 40 kids were drinking. The emergency room nurse said the girl had no reason being in the hospital as the burn was superficial, and no disturbance was found at the scene.