The Labatt Brewery as seen in Toronto. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Aaron Harris

The Labatt Brewery as seen in Toronto. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Aaron Harris

Labatt invests $4.6 million for Creston brewery upgrades

This is part of a larger $38 million investment across the province

Labatt Breweries of Canada recently announced an investment of $4.6 million towards upgrades at the Creston location.

This is part of a larger investment of $38 million across British Columbia, including another $2.9 million dedicated to upgrades to the Turning Point Brewery in Vancouver.

“Given the challenges the province has faced over the last 18 months, we are proud to support our brewing operations in both Creston and Vancouver, as well as the dedicated communities that help make our facilities as successful as they are,” said Peter Delamont, manager of the Labatt Brewery in Creston.

“Not only will the investment help fund key upgrades at both sites, but it will also be used to enhance our logistics network across Western Canada and provide a smoother route for products to get from our facilities to consumers, positioning the province well for future growth.”

This investment will help accelerate the province’s post-COVID economic recovery and also lead to enhanced brewery operations, which could foster future growth in Creston, Vancouver, and other locations.

“Our breweries in British Columbia act as a platform for our operations in Western Canada and they represent key nodes that connect consumers to the products they love,” said Delamont.

“We’re committed to ensuring these sites operate as optimally as possible by enhancing the production of our most in-demand beverages.”

The roots of Labatt Breweries of Canada date back to 1847 in London, Ontario when when a farmer named John Kinder Labatt first entered the business of brewing.

Since then, the company has grown to include seven key breweries from coast-to-coast, as well as four craft breweries, 75 brands, and over 3,600 skilled craftspeople and professionals.

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