Icy roads bad news for Creston Valley drivers

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  • Jan. 4, 2017 5:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 68 calls for service from December 19-25, which is lower than usual for this time of year, Staff Sgt. Darryl Hammond said on Tuesday.

December 19

•Police were called about a woman being who had to be turned away from the hospital.  She didn’t have a medical issue but wanted help.

•An alarm was set off at a Northwest Boulevard residence.

•A semi truck jack-knifed and caused a car to drive off the road on Highway 3.  The road was covered in thick snow and the semi driver couldn’t see what lane he was in until it was too late.  The car was turned over in the embankment.

•Creston RCMP assisted the Cranbrook department with a summons on Highway 3.

•A complaint was made from an Erickson Road residence regarding harassing emails.

•A resident on Canyon/Lister Road reported a suspected real estate scam.

•A 911 call was made from a Canyon/Lister Road residence.

•Creston RCMP assisted the Ponoka detachment in receiving a statement from an individual on 10th Avenue North regarding a criminal file currently open for investigation.

•A call was made from a residence on Cedar Street regarding the use of cameras in regards to a child custody matter.

•A report was made from a Lister residence regarding a suspicious vehicle driving from property to property.  RCMP could not find the driver when they patrolled the area.

•A 911 call was made from Ash Street.  The caller meant to call 411, but made a mistake.

•A call was made from a 10th Avenue South residence.  A woman wanted an ambulance attendant to take her blood pressure.

December 20

•A report was made from Ibbitson Street about a suspicious person.  RCMP found an individual having hallucinations.  RCMP transported the individual to the Creston Hospital.

•Two vehicles were involved in an accident.  The drivers had been attending a party on 31st Avenue North.

•A disturbance was reported on Birch Street and 9th Avenue South.  A male was chasing another male down the street.

•An abandoned vehicle was reported in Canyon.  Inquiries were made.

•A logging truck hit an icy patch and slid off the road on Highway 3, in Yahk.  The driver claimed a small car had cut him off.

•A report was filed regarding a single vehicle accident just east of the summit on Highway 3.  Members found tire tracks in the snow, but there was no car on site by the time RCMP arrived.

•Another report of a single vehicle accident on Highway 3A was reported to the detachment.  East Kootenay Traffic Services dealt with the accident.

•A request by Red Deer RCMP was made to recover a stolen vehicle on Northwest Boulevard.  The car had a false VIN.

•A complainant claimed there was someone yelling and screaming on 10th Avenue South.  RCMP members found youth fooling around.

•A report was made from a Canyon residence about unwanted communication in the form of texts.

December 21

•An alarm was set off in a commercial building on 10 Avenue North.

•A domestic dispute was reported on 11th Avenue South.  Both parties had been drinking.

•A disturbance was reported at a business in Canyon.

•A domestic assault was reported on Highway 3 in Erickson.  A male has been charged.

•A hazard was reported as a concern on 11th Avenue North.  This involved the ongoing neighbourhhod dispute that has been an issue for several years.

•A shoplifter was recognized from a surveillance camera.  The suspect had attempted to steal a $90 blender.  RCMP confronted the suspect and she confessed.

•A lost utility trailer licence plate was reported on 36th Avenue South.

•A woman called the detachment because she believed her car had been stolen from 11th Avenue North.  She had been shopping and forgot where she had parked.

•A woman called RCMP because she was concerned for her safety in regards to a previous domestic dispute.  She told members that her ex may be coming back to town and was unstable.  Arrangements for her safety have been made.

•A residential alarm was set off in Northwest Boulevard.

December 22

•A two-vehicle accident was reported on Topaz Creek at Highway 3.  The road was slippery and the driver lost control before veering into oncoming traffic.  A fire attendant had to extract the driver from one of the vehicles.

•A two-vehicle accident was reported on Highway 3A.  It had happened the previous day.

•A vehicle was damaged in the parking lot on 16th Avenue South.  It had been clipped, possibly by an open door.

•A report was made about misuse of Facebook.  The comments were in regards to a family disagreement.  The comments were ‘near threatening’.

•A report was made of threatening texts from Erickson Road.  Members spoke to all parties and the matter was resolved.

•A noise complaint was made on Northwest Boulevard.  Residents were playing music and video games too loudly.

•A residential alarm was set off in Northwest Boulevard – again.

•An individual drove through the Kingsgate border.  The matter is still under investigation.

December 23

•An individual called 911 from Riley Road.  He claimed he pocket-dialed the number.

•A vehicle slid into a ditch on Highway 3.  A semi-truck had passed the car and the draft caused the driver to hit slush.  He lost control and ended up backwards in a ditch.

•A minor vehicle accident was reported on 10th Avenue North.  One car was backing out while the other was backing in.  The two parties were arguing when members arrived.

•A 24-hour suspension was issued when a member determined that an individual had been drinking while driving in Erickson.

•A child at a Christmas dinner party on 9th Avenue South made a 911 call.  Members let the child know that phoning 911 was a serious issue.

•A driver was reported on Erickson Road.  The complainant claimed the vehicle was veering towards the shoulder.  Suspecting impaired driving, patrols went in search of the vehicle but couldn’t locate it.

•A car slid into a ditch on Lower Wynndel Road.  Another driver decided to help pull the car out of the ditch but ended up sliding into the vehicle instead.

•Individuals dropping off a passenger caused a disturbance at the bus depot on 16th Avenue North.  The persons involved had been drinking.  The passenger was finally allowed on after the dispute was over.  The bus driver was confident there would be no other issues.

•A residential alarm was set off in Northwest Boulevard – again.

December 24

•An intoxicated male was located on Highway 21 in Canyon.

•A parked car was a traffic hazard as it was parked in an unsafe manner on Beam Road.

•A report was made in Kitchener.  The complainant claimed a lynx attacked her cat.

•Fireworks were causing loud noises and were scaring residents on Vancouver Street.

•RCMP assisted ambulance attendants on 40th Street.

December 25

•A member stopped a vehicle just after midnight because of susoicious driving. The driver had been drinking, and had a history of impaired driving.  He is being charged.

•An Erickson resident was concerned as a neighbour’s lights were on but no one was answering.  Inquiries were made.

•Members responded to a false alarm from a commercial building in Canyon.

•A complainant called from 16th Avenue South about loud music from a neighbouring residence.

•Another call was made regarding the woman being turned away from the hospital again.  She still didn’t have a medical issue.

•A well-being call was made after a resident on Northwest Boulevard received a phone call from an individual saying, “In case I don’t see you again, know I love you.”