Hotel guests agreed to quiet it down when Creston RCMP came knocking

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  • Apr. 12, 2017 8:00 p.m.

Creston police responded to 15 calls for service from April 4-10, Sgt. Dave Nassichuk said on Tuesday.

April 4

• A vehicle reported as abandoned on Northwest Boulevard turned out to be on display for sale.

• A found wallet was returned to the owner.

• A truck owner moved his vehicle when it was reported to be blocking a cardlock gas station entrance on Highway 3 in Creston.

April 5

• A 74-year-old male died suddenly in his Wynndel home, of apparent natural causes.

• A vehicle backed into another in a Northwest Boulevard parking lot, then left the scene. Police are investigating.

• With the odor of marijuana evident in a vehicle stopped for speeding on Erickson Road, police searched the vehicle and seized open liquor and marijuana. The driver will be charged.

April 6

• Police received a report of an elderly female hitchhiking on Highway 3 near Arrow Creek. She was pulling a wheeled bag and did not appear in distress. She was not located.

• Police attended the Riondel Market after receiving a call about a disturbance. A male was taken to hospital with medical issues.

• A complaint was received about a driver on 10th Avenue North who failed to yield or slow down when he got to Cook Street, causing the complainant to slam on his brakes to avoid a collision. The offending vehicle was not located.

• An RV reported to be parked in the intersection at 20th Avenue North and Alder Street was gone when police arrived.

• A person who purchased a used car last year reported being harassed by the seller, who has now decided he wants more money.

• Two 17-year-olds found smoking marijuana in a vehicle parked at the Community Complex were also found to have open liquor in the car. Tickets for being a minor in possession of liquor and having open liquor in a vehicle were issued, and the dope and booze were seized.

April 7

• Police are investigating a report of a vehicle passing a school bus displaying a Stop sign and flashing lights being passed on 9th Avenue North.

• A tree was reported lying on power lines and Highway 3A near Sirdar.

• Police located a driver reported to have been speeding and tailgating on Highway 3. He had no insurance, so the vehicle was towed and he also got a ticket.

April 8

• Road checks on Highway 21 and Kootenay River Road revealed no violations.

• When a driver who ran a Stop sign at 9th Avenue South and Cook Street he showed signs of impairment. He was taken to the police station and breath tests were administered, revealing him to be over .08. Impaired charges under the Criminal Code are being prepared.

• No injuries resulted when a vehicle lost control on an icy Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass and went into a snowbank.

• Road signs were reported bent over on Mallory Road.

April 9

• An intoxicated female was arrested and held in cells following a domestic assault in a local hotel. She was released on a promise to appear in court to face charges.

• An abandoned vehicle on Cook Street at 19th Avenue South was towed. It had no plates or insurance.

• A minor dog bite was reported in Kitchener.

• A driver reported to have tailgated on Highway 3 in Kitchener was located in Creston and warned.

• A female assaulted another female in Kitchener, causing minor injuries. Police are working to locate the accused.

April 10

• A loud party of parents celebrating their team’s Cyclone Taylor Cup win at a local hotel needed police attendance, but the adults agreed to quiet down.

• A vehicle was reported stolen from a Kootenay Bay residence in the past month. Police are investigating, but have no suspects.