The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

The Creston RCMP detachment is located on 16th Avenue South.

Fraud of $4,000 reported to Creston RCMP

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  • Oct. 16, 2014 8:00 a.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 71 calls for service from Oct. 6-14, Cpl. Charlotte Joa said on Oct. 14.

October 6

•Police received a complaint from a witness who said an elderly female driver had entered a Cook Street parking lot, hit a curb, rubbed up against a vehicle and then hit another curb on the way out. When located, police discovered she was having medical problems and took her to the hospital.

•A Northwest Boulevard resident reported he was defrauded to the tune of $4,000 in an online loan scam originating in Ontario.

•Two dumpster divers were reported near a Cook Street business.

•A young child wearing pyjamas was reported to be playing in the ditch beside Highway 95 near Kingsgate. Police did not locate him.

October 7

•An abandoned yellow vehicle was reported at Beam Road and Highway 3A.

•An erratic vehicle driven on 20th Avenue by a male was not located.

October 8

•A Toyota attempting a left turn at Northwest Boulevard and Helen Street collided with a semi. The Toyota driver was ticketed.

•A complaint about a friend failing to repay a $6,500 loan was determined to be a civil dispute.

•Police attended a 14th Avenue North residence to keep the peace while documents were served.

•It was reported that a green Ford pickup nearly hit a pedestrian and dog in a Northwest Boulevard crosswalk. The driver was located and warned.

•A complaint was made about the driving of an elderly male in the 400 block of Sixth Avenue North.

•The owner of a black vehicle parked for days near a Highway 21 bridge said it had broken down and that he would have it towed.

•Police are investigating a complaint from Highway 3A about a male skipping out on a $600 motel bill.

October 9

•A wallet found in the 1000 block of Northwest Boulevard is being returned to the owner.

•A partially submerged boat was reported in Kootenay Lake near a Highway 3A rest area. No boat matching the description has been reported missing.

October 10

•After a female complained about being harassed by an ex-landlord, the male said he would cease making contact with her.

•Phone reports about a man with a broken arm, or having been shot, and then a fire at a residence on Northwest Boulevard were determined to have been pranks.

•A suspicious person was reported near an elementary school and the male has been identified.

•An iPhone 5 in a black Tech 21 case was lost near Highway 3 at 33rd Avenue in Erickson.

•Police attended a residence on Birch Street to keep the peace while a male retrieved his belongings.

•A collision at 15th Avenue and Hillside Street involving a vehicle and two pedestrians was determined not to be the fault of the driver.

•A male on Sixth Avenue reported getting a phone call that started with “Hello” and finished with the sound of an explosion.

•A male reported to be lying on the ground near Erickson Road was found to be intoxicated. He was arrested for being drunk in public and held in cells until sober.

October 11

•A 12-foot aluminum boat with a six-horsepower Mercury outboard motor and fishing equipment was reported stolen from Lewis Bay Road. Police later learned the boat was recovered on the other side of Kootenay Lake and that three males were in custody for the theft.

•A Canyon-Lister resident who was awakened at night by firefighters in his yard reported the next day that fire had been set to four cedar shrubs.

•Two dumpster divers reported in the 1500 block of Cook Street were gone when police arrived.

•An erratic yellow Ford Ranger reported on Highway 3 near Nick’s Island Road South was not located.

•An intoxicated male in the 1100 block of Canyon Street was arrested for being drunk in public and held overnight in police cells. He was released after being issued a ticket.

•Police are investigating a complaint of garbage being dumped on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

•A male who barged into a house in the 300 block of Fifth Avenue South was pushed out the door by the residents. Police located him, intoxicated, on Highway 21. He was arrested and held in police cells until sober, and now faces charges of mischief and assault.

•An occupied trailer on Lyons Road was shot at with pellet guns, possibly by youths.

October 12

•A 48th Street resident complained about being harassed on the Internet.

•A complaint about an assault on Highway 21 involving family members is under investigation.

•Police attended a Ninth Avenue South residence to keep the peace while a separated couple removed property.

•A vehicle went off Erickson Road and into the ditch, where it flipped over. Witnesses reported the occupants left on foot. The next morning, the vehicle owner reported the vehicle was stolen, but did not co-operate with police questioning.

•A driver who was stunting on 19th Avenue North was charged for driving without due care and attention.