Fraud, fights and more for Creston RCMP

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  • Oct. 23, 2012 1:00 p.m.

Creston RCMP responded to 77 calls from Oct. 15-21, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday.

October 15

•A male who had earlier been reported missing from Creston was found deceased in Ontario.

•The eavestrough of a house on Northwest Boulevard was damaged when a motorhome drove into it.

•A suspicious 1970s Volkswagen camper van was reported on Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road.

•Police were called to a child custody dispute on Hillside Street.

•Harassing text messages were reported by a Hillside Street resident.

•Police were called to a fight between 15- and 16-year-old brothers on 44th Street.

•Harassing text messages were reported by the alleged offending party in the aforementioned Hillside Street complaint.

October 16

•A 911 call from Cavell Street was determined to be a wrongly dialed number.

•Police were called to provide traffic control at a structural fire on Russell Avenue in Riondel.

•A report of possible fraud perpetrated on a male senior citizen came from 18th Avenue South.

•No injuries resulted when a vehicle failed to negotiate a turn on Canyon-Lister Road and ended up in the ditch.

•A person was reported to be selling beaded necklaces door-to-door 11th Avenue South.

•The possible theft of mine samples was reported by a Highway 3 resident.

•In Wynndel, persons were reported to be yelling and shouting obscenities at vehicles driving on Winlaw Road, an act that is considered to be a stunting offense.

•A minor rear-end collision on Payne Road resulted in no injuries.

•A passport and wallet were lost on Canyon Street.

•An elderly female reported getting a message that her nephew was under arrest at the Kingsgate border crossing and that she should send more than $3,000 to Panama. She didn’t act as directed, calling police instead. The demand turned out to be a fraud.

•A 16th Avenue North resident reported the theft of personal papers.

October 17

•Break-ins to three sheds and trailers on Majestic Road in Kingsgate resulted in the theft of quads.

•A male was reported to have dumped a milkshake on a vehicle windshield in a family dispute on 18th Avenue South.

•The reported attempt at an abduction outside Adam Robertson Elementary School turned out to be a misunderstanding. Facebook posts reported that the driver of a white van with plastic covering a window had attempted to lure a student into the vehicle. A police investigation determined that the driver was a parent who mistook another child as his own (when viewed from behind) and told him to “get in the van”. Gollan commended a caring community for helping to get the message of the possible crime out quickly, but expressed concern that the information is not retracted when it turns out to be incorrect.

•A male found passed out on Canyon Street was taken to hospital for a checkup, then held in police custody overnight.

•One horse was reported to be loose on Erickson Road at 32nd Avenue and two more were seen on Highway 3A near Wynndel. The former was taken into the care of a resident until the owner could be located.

October 18

•No assault was found to have occurred in a loud argument between a couple at a Birch Street residence.

•Police were called about a child custody issue on Elm Street.

•A credit card was used fraudulently to obtain gift cards and fuel from a 16th Avenue service station.

•No injuries were reported after a single motor vehicle accident on Highway 3A near Crawford Bay.

•A vehicle sustained minor damage when it was rear-ended on Canyon Street.

•Relatives of a male on 18th Avenue South reported concern that he is the victim of fraud by a younger female, reporting that she had taken his vehicle, which was later located by police.

October 19

•No assault was found to have happened when police responded to a 911 call about an argument between spouses on 19th Avenue North.

•An Elm Street male broke court conditions when he failed to attend a probation appointment.

•A male resident of Russell Avenue in Riondel was arrested for assault and later released on conditions.

•A marijuana vaporizer was stolen from a Canyon Street business.

•An intoxicated female on Highway 3 was transported to hospital by a passerby.

October 20

•An elderly male died suddenly in his Ash Street residence, but not under suspicious circumstances.

•A Winchester 300 magnum rifle and a seasonal affective disorder (SAD) light were stolen in a break-in to a Highway 3 residence near Kitchener.

•A male who locked his keys in his truck on Canyon-Lister Road called police to help him remove a hunting rifle from the vehicle so that it could be secured safely.

•A semi bearing Tennessee licence plates was reported to have passed another semi on a double solid line near Yahk.

October 21

•Police were called to a local pub when an intoxicated male refused to leave. Friends ensured he was taken home safely.

•When police investigated a report of shots being fired near Lakeview-Arrow Creek Road, it was determined that a person was shooting on his own property, sighting in his gun in a safe manner.

•A break-in to a Hahn Road resident in Kitchener netted thieves Toshiba and Dell laptop computers, two wedding rings and four pellet guns.

•Police are investigating a Goat River Road incident in which a food container bearing obscene and threatening language was left on the property.