Fire hall project questions

Fire hall project questions

Questions for the ASC and the Town of Creston

The Editor

Creston Valley Advance

Dear Sir/Madam:

This letter is in response to the “Today’s Fire Hall Project Question “on page A11 of the August 16th edition.

As the ASC Facilitator has assured me that this ad was in response to my first four (of many) questions, I was somewhat disappointed to see the results.

It appears that the ASC has edited or “massaged” questions 2 and 3 into one gentle puffball by removing some of the more difficult details.

So in the interests of full disclosure (and journalistic integrity), I am requesting that the newspaper publish the original questions.

That way, the public can make their own decision as to whether the ASC’s “response” actually answers any part of the questions.

Here they are :

0807 Questions for ASC/TOC

1. Building Cost IS NOT Construction Cost IS NOT Project Cost and IS NOT Total Cost. So, as the $ 5.5 million is the Maximum Project Cost Estimate, what is the Maximum Total Cost Estimate?

2. The ASC/TOC says the $ 5.5 million includes site development, contingency, and land purchase. Please break down the $ 5.5 million Maximum Project Cost Estimate into building cost, site development, contingency and land purchase.

3. The ASC/TOC says the Maximum Project Estimate includes a contingency. But Page 8 of the Altus Cost Guide says the unit cost $/sqft DOES NOT include Contingencies. Please clarify the contradiction.

(Osoyoos contingencies included 5% for Design, 4% for Construction and 10% for Price Variance/Owner Risk – an Escalation contingency was excluded).

4. If the Maximum Project Cost Estimate is $ 5.5 million, why does Bylaw 1872 refer to $ 5.780 million? Please explain the $ 280,000 of “expenses incidental to …” and how they are to be paid.

I don’t see any cost breakdown or even a mention of site development or contingency in the response. Only that the ASC has concluded that their numbers are “reasonable” and “sufficient”.

Well, I conclude the ASC may have responded to my questions but it certainly hasn’t answered them!

Yours truly,

Don Cherkas | Creston